2020 Baseball: Lockout or Restart?

May Baseball be heading towards a Strike Period instead of Restart?

Last week, I reported that MLB could be inching its way towards a start date for baseball activities. Yet, as it turns out. Not so fast. It seems as everything is still in the early stages of a compromise between Owners and Players.

Reports have come out over the weekend that owners may indeed be looking for “further economic concessions” from players before they revisit a plan to open up the 2020 MLB Season.

The biggest issue we see is the Owners and Players already came to a deal back in March. However, Owners could be demanding more pay cuts.

Here are the terms agreed upon: (from Bleacher Report – Click here for full article)

A) The league would advance the players a lump sum payment of $170 million which players would divide amongst themselves via means they determine appropriate;

B) If there is no season, the players get to keep that money but do not get any more; but

C) If the season is played, players will receive their salaries on a pro-rata basis based on the number of games played. Presumably, whatever the player got out of that $170 million will be backed out of that since it was characterized as an “advance.”

As we wait to hear what the next steps are to bringing Baseball back in a timely fashion within the CDC guidelines. There is a real chance this situation gets much uglier before we see a resolution on a 2020 MLB season or not.

Can there even be a Strike Period in a season that has already been halted due to a national pandemic that the league has no control over? I would assume, Yes. However, it’s a question I for sure do not wanna find out the answer to.


• Joey Sheeran
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