2023-24 Player Spotlight: Owen Tippett

With the 2023-24 NHL Regular season bearing down on us. The Flyers will open the season against the Columbus Blue Jackets on October 12th in Columbus. We here at EOP will spotlight a Flyers player every week. This week we will look at Owen Tippett.

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Owen Tippett

Flyers right winger Owen Tippett is the player the Flyers got in return for Claude Giroux. Tippett, who will celebrate his 24th birthday on February 16, has all the elements of an NHL impact forward: good size, good speed, a heavy shot, and a good work ethic to strive for continual refinement of his game.

Before it was a confirmed direction Tippett found himself as one of the earliest pieces of the Flyers rebuild. Tippett missed five games early in the 2022-23 season due to a concussion suffered in the regular season opener against the New Jersey Devils. Through the All-Star Break, he posted 14 goals and 28 points in 46 games played. He has a solid shot at his first career 20-goal, 40-plus point season in the NHL, and has room to expand on it in the future.

When Tortorella refers to Tippett as a power forward, he’s referring to a desire to see the player use his size/speed combination to take more pucks directly to the net, use his first-step explosiveness to drive the slot to receive a pass in prime shooting range and to fend off defenders to create a little more time and space for himself.

Tippett has shown the ability to score from the flanks or from a distance. Tippett and the Flyers would be better served if he realizes his potential below the dots and in front of the net. He is also underrated for using a defender as a screen and firing a shot on the net. Bottom line: This is a player capable of scoring in a variety of ways. A little more consistency is needed but the tools are there.

The Future

Tippett for all accounts is one of the faces of the future Flyers. As the Flyers rebuild Tippett should be a fixture of the low game for this team heading into the future. Coach John Tortorella used him in a variety of ways in 2022-23 I expect a similar use of the player this year. Putting him into more positions to maximize his ability and unlock his potential.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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