2024 Phillies Player Spotlight: Brandon Marsh

With the 2024 MLB season bearing down on us. We here at EOP will spotlight a Phillies player every week until the start of the 2024 season. We will highlight their 2023 season, strengths, and weaknesses, and 2024 projections with the Phillies. This week we highlight outfielder Brandon Marsh.

2023 Season

 Marsh is a high-level athlete who blends big tools with impressive instincts. He is a plus runner who displays excellent routes and reads in center field, has a plus-plus, accurate arm, and has an athletic swing that drives the ball hard to the gaps. In 2023 Marsh’s first full season with the Phillies.

 He displayed at times that high-level potential and at other times his offense and defense were very underwhelming. Marsh appeared in 133 games for the Phillies batting 277, 458 slugging percentage. He scored 58 runs, 112 hits, 60 RBIs, 12 home runs, and 829 OPS. According to Statcast, his 7 OAA ranked in the top 20 among outfielders, and his 3 baserunning runs added were tied for 11th among all hitters. While he doesn’t steal at an incredible rate, he is a fast, smart baserunner and a huge asset to the back half of the lineup.


Marsh is a core member of the Phillies he will be arbitration-eligible until after the 2024 season. He will be under team control through 2027. Perhaps his greatest improvement in the batter’s box was his patience – he drew 59 walks, over twice as many as he did in 2022, and good enough for third on the team. He led the team with six triples and his OPS+ of 127 was second among Phillies (behind Bryce Harper, of course) and tied for 15th among all outfielders.

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Marsh did get better at hitting lefties, but it remains his greatest fault. His patience did improve at the plate in 2023. His strikeout rate was slightly better than his career average of 32.9%, but it was still well above the league average of 22.8%  

2024 Projection

Marsh has one more year before reaching arbitration and won’t hit free agency until 2027. He’s in the team’s long-term plans and it would be somewhat surprising if they didn’t offer him an extension at some point.

 Where he’ll play in the outfield will likely depend on Johan Rojas’ ability to lock down the center fielder job in spring training. If he does, which is the preferred plan. Marsh would be the Opening Day starter in left field and play some center when Rojas is out of the lineup. Otherwise, Marsh will be the center fielder until Rojas is ready.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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