25 A-Graded Picks of the 2020 NFL Draft

I have sat and evaluated each and every pick in the 2020 draft. Some teams will walk away greatly improved after these past few days while some will realize in a year or sooner they made mistakes. I evaluated each player based on their future and also the round and pick they were taken. I have come up with my all 2020 draft pick team. Great picks at the right time. The “all-steal” team I call it. Beginning in round one and ending with the final pick some GM’s made smart moves that will better their franchise and get them closer to their one goal. Others will look back at missed opportunities and just flat out bad decisions. I want to make it clear these are my opinions. These days we have far too many people just passing on others’ information and it happens all the way at the top of the highest-paid people on TV. Whether I am right or wrong I put in at the very least 1000 man-hours getting ready for this draft. This is not a job, its something I love to do and share my passion with some of the smartest minds in the business at Edge of Philly Sports. Every company starts somewhere but Edge is on the rise. Like many of the prospects, today we put in the work. Some national people are taking notice. We will continue to put in the hours with endless research not only for a draft but for anything we put our name on. We want you to trust in what we say. No team will work harder to bring you quality information. On to this year’s team :

Round 1

7) Derrick Brown: Brown will be an absolute force in the middle of the field for the next decade if he stays healthy. Will challenge the very best at the position for best overall some point early in his career.

24) Cesar Ruiz: I like Ruiz a lot. Here is the thing he was the best center in college football and would have a long all-pro career if he was a plug and play. But believe it or not, I think the Saints have plans to move Ruiz to guard. Will he have the same success? Time will tell.

30) Noah Igbinoghene: I saw reports of this being the opposite. Some saying they thought this pick was a reach. Not me. For a guy known for his speed when you watch him up close, he has no issue sticking his helmet into someone’s chest. He can also can play man. A solid pick end of round one 

Round 2

33) Tee Higgins: A J Green gets a clone of himself. A first-round talent, high points the ball, best in the class. Burrow gets a new toy who can develop into a true number one although he will not be rushed.

36) Xavier McKinney: Smart players will end up calling signals for the defense. Xavier will walk up into the box and make plays. He does not have track speed but his anticipation seems to put him in the right place at the right time.

37) Kyle Dugger: Yes back to back smart picks with the D-2 Dugger coming off the board in the 2nd. Don’t let the Division two career fool you. This guy is athletic as any safety you will see. Can go sideline to sideline in run support and is a playmaker in the passing game. Typical Patriots pick he fits the mold perfectly we really like this kid a lot 

50) Jaylon Johnson: Johnson does everything well above average. Fits a need that the Bears really needed filled. they can play Johnson in man or zone. He is also not afraid to come up and closeout to make a play. 

59) Denzel Mimms: Mims fell and the Jets were happy to catch him. Mims really helped himself at the combine. I am always cautious at players who move up without any additional snaps. But Mims is a burner who runs well after the catch and at 59 was the perfect pick for the Jets

60) Josh Uche: I am sure many are not shocked to see another Patriots draft pick on this list. But Uche again I hate to say it fits the Patriots mold. He can play inside or outside. Josh has a solid blend of speed and power. He can come up through the A-gap or off the edge. I see him more of an Edge but don’t be shocked to see New England use him all over the field. 

( 61) Kristian Fulton:  Back to back to back picks now but I call it as I see it. Let’s face it Fulton was a first-round talent who slipped due to off the field concerns. He is always around the football he has next-level instincts. Solid closing speed but some are worried about his size. He will be plug-and-play day one. 

( 63). Willie Gay: The rich get richer. The Super Bowl Champs pick up someone who hits like a truck and also can make plays in the passing game. Another guy who had some more valid off the field concerns but in the end was too good to pass up on.

( 64) Jeremy Chinn: People who were live on our draft coverage got tired of me waiting for Chinn to get taken. I love this kids game. He is perfect for today’s NFL and will play the Linebacker/Safety hybrid position. Chinn is a superior athlete he will fit in just fine down in Carolina.

Round 3

( 72) Josh Jones: Perfect mix of balance and power. I didn’t see many mistakes watching this kid play. He will play the right tackle spot for the Cardinals. He is extremely athletic for being such a big guy. Josh will need to work a bit on his run blocking but a great pick here for the Cards.

( 74) Zach Braun: Another first-round talent that slipped down into round three. Not huge but plays much bigger than his size. Zach can get after the quarterback or play in coverage which makes him ideal for the modern game. He also will have a lot of talent surrounding him when he gets down to New Orleans. An absolute steal this late.

( 85 ) Julian Blackmon: He can handle a running back out of the backfield. A leader says Utah and can play either Nickel or safety or even corner in a pinch. A good tackler who also has solid ball skills. An all-around solid player

( 90) Jonathan Greenland: Greenland played like a first-round pick at times. He plays with a high motor and has way above average handwork. Has solid pass-rushing moves and keeps at top speed around the end. He just needs to do this all the time. 

( 99 ) Matt Peart: I have listened to people who actually follow the Giants crush this pick today. My response before explaining myself is what game are you exactly watching? Yes, he will need to get a bit stronger like a lot of these prospects but Peart is an incredible athlete for his size. He already has outstanding lateral quickness and this will only get better.  He is technically solid and uses his hands well. A better pass blocker then a run blocker but he does both adequately. I think this kid will have a long solid career. My advice to anyone not liking the pick is to watch some film. 

( 103 ) Davion Taylor: I am not an Eagles fan but I am from Philly. And to see the way this kid has been judged is just puzzling. This kid defines the word upside. He eats up blockers and always plays downhill. I don’t care if he only played a year or a day or high school football watch the kids tape. Another hybrid type player who is perfect for today’s NFL. Philly’s unfaithful will eat their limited words on this kid I guarantee it.

Round 4

( 111 ) Solomon Kindley:  Kindley is a beast who hurls defenders during the bass and barrels over defenders in the run game. He can get out to the 2nd level and find a linebacker or hold his own one-on-one in the passing game. He is a throwback who I am sure Tua is thrilled to have watching his back

( 115 ) Harrison Bryant: His combine workout hurt his stock a bit. I will never understand this but it’s accurate. He is a good blocker but is most effective in the passing game. Hard to bring down after he has the ball in his hands. He plays like a wide receiver at tight end.

( 116 ) Ben Bartch: Another small school kid who some worry about the jump in competition. I say domination is domination. I actually see him staying at left tackle at this level. He has the balance, the length, and the footwork to be extremely successful. He like some others will need to hit the weight room but at 116 was a superb value.

( 124 ) Anthony McFarland: I honestly thought he would go late 2nd early 3rd but some still continue to devalue the running back position. I see it becoming more and more relevant again. If you want to see this kid’s potential just look at his game against Ohio State in 2018. He Is as elusive and as difficult to tackle in space as any runner in this draft. The Steelers continue to draft well.

( 127 ) K’Von Wallace: A great fit for today’s NFL. A solid tackler. He has great instincts and will sit and lock down a slot receiver. Good ball skills and not afraid to take chances to make plays. Nice pick for Philly.

( 137 ) Josiah Scott: Maybe the best tackling cornerback in this years class. Has exceptional recovery speed. Always seems to be around the football like a hawk. His overall range gets picked as well as his length but in round 4 this kid should have been off the board sooner.

( 139 ) Amik Robertson: One of my favorite players in this draft. He earned his way on to this team. Robertson despite his lack of size plays the game like he is 6’5. he is one of those players you say to yourself if someone else only has his heart and guts. He Is not just a playmaker he also has superior ball skills. Some big receivers will give him issues but you can’t tell him that. Every team needs ten of these guys.

( 146 ) Tyler Biadasz: The Cowboys had a tremendous draft and got insane value with this pick. Unlike Ruiz, Biadaszwill remains at the center at the next level. He moves extremely well for a center and is a strong run blocker. Needs to get a little stronger but anytime you get a starter at this point its a good idea.

Round 5

( 158 ) Bryce Hall:  Hall stayed in school and actually hurt his draft status. He was projected no worse than a 2nd round pick in last year’s draft. He has great length and good speed. Best used in zone coverage. He can be a real disrupter on the outside. Hall is another one of these guys who makes plays and just always seems to be in the right spot. So the Jets got some value here. 

( 164 ) Curtis Weaver: Maybe the biggest steal of this entire draft when he was taken. Has a variety of moves to get to the quarterback. A solid mix of speed and power. Uses his hands well but can also drop into coverage. Will need to work on his run defense but to get Weaver here was the play of the day.

( 179 ) Bradlee Anae: Yes another Cowboy pick which I am sure will anger the hometown but Anae is a good player and even a better pick here. If I did not call Weaver the pick of the day, Anae would be it for sure. He has incredible instincts which makes him much better than his physical ability. Maybe the most advanced pass rusher in the entire draft as far as an arsenal of moves. This guy plays the game with his brain and much as his brawn. 

Round 6

( 198 ) Antoine Brooks Jr: Another extremely intelligent player which again gives him that necessary step to stay closer to, equal or ahead of everyone else on the field. Another hybrid type of payer that I like for today’s game. Plays much better in the box then out freelancing making plays. Which explains his solid play against the run. Another Steeler hit.

( 201 ) James Proche: Proche has insane ball skills and attacks the ball better than most receivers in the class. He finds his way open with his head more than his athleticism. He has quick feet and great hands. He is thin so I am sure others share similar concerns of him getting bumped off his route at this level but he is a steal in the 6th round.

( 210 ) Prince Tega Wanogho: Eagle fans here you go but honestly the kid did all the work. If he can stay healthy he literally could be the franchise tackle for the next decade. And he is sitting here in the 6th round. At times this guy looks the part on film as well. He just needs to clean up his game and keep improving and Philly could have just found the replacement for Jason Peters. Rumor has it they are having issues with last year’s number one it may be Prince to the rescue. 

Round 7 

( 232 ) Casey Toohill: I listened to the city of Philly blast the front office last night and today. I also have seen low grades as far as these experts go calling the Eagles draft average at best. I respectfully disagree and feel the Eagles had one of the top 5 draft classes. Toohill is another absolute steal in the 7th round. He was a stand-up guy who rushed the quarterback but showed serious athletic ability dropping back in coverage. Philly got a good player. 

( 254 ) Derek Tuszka: Way down at the bottom of the draft Denver finished off a solid draft class. Tuszka is a really good athlete who has a ton of moves as a pass rusher. Tuszka also has two all-pro players to sit and learn from. He can beat you inside or outside. He also is a high motor guy. Great pick!

But the MVP of my team was not even drafted! He signed a free-agent contract shortly after the draft. I will go out on a limb here and say this tight end will have a more productive NFL career than any tight end drafted. Thaddeus Moss was taken off most draft boards due to a Jones Fracture he suffered. I get nauseous watching these GM’s either overthink or follow one another time after time. One team finally came to their senses and scooped him up after the last pick’s name was called.  I read the scouting reports he is not extremely athletic or fast. But I also watched every one of this kid’s games. He is a great, not good, a great blocker. He has incredibly soft hands like his dad. He made big plays in big moments. Not only will Moss make the Redskins better. I’m predicting he will have a long productive borderline at times pro-bowl career. I am sure he comes in with a boulder on his shoulders making him extremely motivated. I am not paid to be a GM but I feel a lot of them whiffed on this pick. One of us will be right. For more coverage click here.

Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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