A Win Does Not Have to Be Pretty

Wednesday’s game showed once again what the Philadelphia Union is able to do while waiting for the return of Andre Blake. They took on an 8-2 at-home Nashville team that, from the start, was looking to attack. With Wagner back in the lineup, it seems like Elliott and Glesnes can focus all their efforts on defending. A win does not have to be pretty, especially for Philly.


To the Action

It was an ugly game in the sense that offensively to start the game. The Union could not seem to get anything going in the box. We saw a bunch tried from outside, especially from a young Quinn Sullivan. Sullivan got the start Wednesday and showed out. He had very well-placed and powerful strikes to the goal that Willis was able to get his hands on. Other than those, Nashville was given Philadelphia a very hard time creating an opportunity to score.

Philadelphia’s chance at goal came, of course, from…. the long ball! With two very clear penalties in the box, we turned to our own 10. Daniel Gazdag, very cool, calm, and collected, executed two beautiful PKs to put the Union up 2-0 and ultimately win the game. After the second goal, is where things start to get ugly.

Things Get Chippy

It seems Nashville (and the fans) took offence to the Union coming into their house and taking care of business. We saw a total of three red cards, two for Nashville and 1 for Philadelphia. In the 95th minute, Carranza caught a ball and tried to go by Shaquell Moore. It was a slick nice move that was only stopped by Moore wrapping his arms around Julian. He held him from going forward. Carranza immediately retaliated by doing the same thing, which resulted in both men getting sent off immediately. A win does not have to be pretty.

With a win in Nashville, the Philadelphia Union sit 4th on the table and knocked Nashville to the 3rd spot. Our focus now shifts to NYCFC Sat night, hoping we can get a streak going to make our way up the table. It is a very tight race from 2nd to 6th, separating them by only 5 points. The Union has got to find a way to get the top of the line up more involved in the box. They also have to keep their defensive mind steady going into the Leagues Cup and the rest of the season. With a busier schedule, the Union awaits to see what Curtain does with the lineups. Either way, the Philadelphia fanbase always looks to do one thing… DOOP!

Gustavo Seminario
Gustavo Seminario

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