Accept It, Ben Simmons Ain’t Going Anywhere


With an offseason of trade rumors and speculation on what might happen to Ben Simmons, the answer is becoming more clear. Ben Simmons Ain’t Going Anywhere! Accept it Sixers fans! Accept it Ben Simmons Camp!


The price tag from Daryl Morey is high and it should be for the Sixers. Why would you get rid of this guy for anything less then all-star talent?

We are talking about a 24 year old, 3 time all-star who hasn’t even hit his prime yet. Coaches just voted him the best defensive player in the league. No reason to be giving this guy up for Malcom Brogdon or DeAngelo Russell. Like What? Are we seriously even considering these offers as a fanbase? We are smarter then that. Does Ben think he will be given away to appease him because he can’t take some heat from the fans and teammates?

Trade Speculation

Rumors have swirled and will continue to swirl. Agents and team reps use the media to drum up trade interest. Many said Ben would traded on draft night. Well draft night is over and Ben Simmons is still a Sixer.

Talks will go through the Summer and into the fall right up until next years trade deadline. The Sixers are not giving him up for less than the asking price and other teams want a bargain.

Seems to me like Bens camp is pushing this relationship seems to be over narrative. Last time I checked, the Sixers hold Ben in very high regard. They also hold all of the cards. His own camp knows it as they continue to feed Jason Dumas.

Didn’t he retweet the Sixers Happy Birthday post like a week ago?

Sixers Hold the Cards

Don’t get me wrong there is definitely interest to move him. It is also clear that Ben Simmons camp wants to be moved but that doesn’t mean its going to happen. Ben has 4 years remaining on his deal so what is he going to do? Hold out? Right now, he is 1st Team All Defense and a 3 time all-star. He can run the floor and has handle like a point guard. He also has flaws with shooting both on the court and on the free throw line. However, with the flaws he is an Allstar every year as is assuming he doesn’t regress to an 8pt a game guy.

Best thing he can do to get himself traded is improve those things early on next season. Then again if he does that then why would you trade him? After signing Danny Green, Daryl Morey tweeted out how great the #1 seed in the Easts starting lineup was last year.


The Sixers were mad. Ben is mad. The fans are mad. Accept Ben as he is and realize he isn’t going anywhere. Ben needs to stop the social media hour glasses and accept this too. As I said back in June and believe still now:

Lets not pretend the Sixers were absolute garbage last year. They were the #1 seed in the East for the first time since 2001. They grew last year under Doc Rivers but still carry the immaturity of overlooking teams. I have optimism they can take another step in year two of Doc and the development of Maxey, Thybulle and even Ben. Regardless if you agree or disagree with Ben staying here its time to accept it! That goes for you too BEN!

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RESCIND THIS ARTICLE IF TRADING BEN SIMMONS BRINGS BACK DAMIAN LILLARD. IF THAT HAPPENS….ITS DAME TIME!!!! (I am thinking trade deadline will be a more plausible time for that to happen)

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