AI sends out mysterious tweet

AI sends out a mysterious tweet. Could it be? Come on, AI. Time to spill the beans already.

Last Week, ‘The Answer’ sent out a cryptic tweet that sent social media ablaze. With much speculation, we have narrowed it down to a couple of possibilities to what the tweet meant.

1.) Iverson is coming out of retirement to handle the rock and fix the shooting woes of the Sixers. Big time fingers crossed here.

2.) More realistic, The Sixers are bringing the AI era Sixers throwback jerseys back with a twist. The black, gold and red color scheme people have been shouting from the rooftops for.

If theory #2 pans out and this is an early look at the jerseys. They look AWESOME!

Although, AI coming back to the Sixers is really what we all long for. So that’s a bummer.

Either way, we will get the answer from ‘the Answer’ sometime this week. Sixers have quickly turned themselves into the most exciting team in the city. Crazy, I know. Ad
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Joey Sheeran
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