AJ Brown Receiving Backlash from Titans Fans

AJ Brown receiving backlash from Titans fans. The newly acquired wide receiver, A.J. Brown, released a statement Friday about concerns he has related to fan reaction to his trade from the Titans.

Apparently referencing a football camp in Tennessee that he has decided to pull out of. Brown said that he was sorry to the kids attending the camp. AJ felt he had no choice because of the way some adults in Tennessee have acted toward him since he was traded to Philadelphia.

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Brown Statement

“I’m so sorry I let down your kids and many others but I will not put myself in a place where my peace is going to be threatened by adults who feel a way because I was traded,” Brown wrote. “I’m every bad word it is for taking care of MY FAMILY! if you’re not aware just look on social media. I’m a man first and I will always do what I feel is right for me and my family. People are upset and that’s fine but it’s not that serious when it comes to me.

People can disrespect me on social media and that’s fine but being disrespectful to my face is whole another things and I’m not tolerating it on any level. So forgive me for not putting myself in a place where my peace could be threatened because if something happens and I rect, I’m the one who has everything to lose and not willing to risk my peace, my family, or my job.

“I would love to make everyone children’s day but not if I’m putting my own at risk. Please don’t say nothing is going to happen because nobody knows that. I’m sure someone will still have a problem with this and that’s fine as well. If you can’t understand that then it’s because you don’t want to. Take care! Love.”

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As is often the case for pro athletes who change teams, Brown has taken some social media abuse from fans of his former team. Brown has decided to avoid appearances in Tennessee, to prevent that social media abuse from moving into real life.

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The Facts

The real facts are that AJ Brown was traded to the Eagles on draft day after some failed contract negotiations with the Titans. Tennessee wasn’t willing to give the 24-year-old wideout a big-time payday, but the Eagles extended him on a four-year, $100 million deal. Brown logged two 1,000-yard receiving seasons in his three-year career with the Titans. If the fans have any anger it should be directed to the Titans brass for failing to lock in the young wide receiver. AJ Brown receiving backlash from Titans fans seems ridiculous. I do not want to hear the “bad” stuff that Eagles fans do anymore.

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