Alec Burks Steps Up in Victory Over Magic

Sixers take on the Magic in the HP Field House, Orlando Florida. The Sixers will have to learn to play without Ben Simmons possibly for the remainder of the playoffs. Al Horford is back on the floor with JoJo. Can Embiid keep up the scoring pace and continue to lead Philly? Who will step up with him? Alec Burks steps up that is who.

Former SIxer, James Ennis is in the Orlando starting line up. Markell Fultz back in the bubble after a late return due to personal reasons. Mike Scott first time playing while in the bubble.

1st Quarter

Sixers have a bit of a shaky start with no Ben Simmons on the court. Al Horford trying to take advantage of the miss-match underneath. Using his three-inch differential over Gary Clark. Couple scares with Tobias slightly rolling his ankle and Josh Richardson getting smacked in the face. Both are fine. Shooting is off on bith sides of the floor. 25-23 Sixers lead.

At The Half

Alec Burks keeps on passing and shooting filling in for Shake. Burks hitting most of his three since the return to play. Even though it was a low scoring quarter Burks was the point leader at the half. Both teams under 40% shooting in the 1st half. The Magic leading by 2 at the half, 48-50. Point scorers include: Burks: 13 Harris: 11 Horford: 6 Embiid: 6 and Milton: 4 Ad

3rd Quarter

Embiid starts to shine in the mid 3rd quarter. Tobias with a 16 points and 11 rebound in the game with 2 minutes left. This is his 11th double-double on the season. Furkan is escorted to the locker room holding his left wrist/forearm area. He returns in the early 4th and seems to be fine. The game remains tight with a 79-77 Orlando lead.

The Final

Without Simmons on the court helping to spread the ball out the scoring remained low. Matisse has a nasty block with a follow up slam dunk. Al Horford has a great game offensively and defensively. Embiid and Harris both with double-doubles in tonight’s game. Ultimately the 76ers were able to keep the lead and come up with win. The final score, 108-101.

Alec Burks steps up when the Sixers needed it the most He was able to show off all of his talents. But it wasn’t just Burks. It was a team effort with Al Horford stepping into the starting roll. Tobias and Joel continue to lead the team since the restart of the NBA. Your top point scorers are Harris: 23 Embiid: 23 Burks: 22 and Horford: 21.

It may not have been the pretties of games but seeing 4 players put up 20 plus points shows a total team effort. Give some hope to the future,

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Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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