And With The #53rd Pick…

The Eagles came out of Thursday Night’s portion of the 2020 NFL Draft addressing a position of need.

However, to say the least, the #21 pick (Jalen Reagor) came with a 50/50 Love/Hate from Eagles fans.

My opinion? I really like the pick. But, that is neither here nor there for this article.

Eagles fans got to sleep on it. Woke up Friday ready to go for Rounds 2 & 3 Friday night. The night kicked off as scheduled. First picks began fast and furious. Anticipation is building as the 2nd round starts to fall to the Eagles next pick. But no one, absolutely no one, saw what was about to happen.

And with the 53rd pick of the 2020 NFL draft, the Eagles selected…

“Jalen Hurts, Quarterback from the University of Oklahoma”


At that very moment, all Eagles fans and I’m sure a majority of the NFL fans, in general, were all in unison. What is Howie Roseman thinking?

Does that mean Carson is on the trade block? How can Jeffery Lurie sign off on this?

The sheer shock and awe of the pick was quite overwhelming. It for sure kept me speechless for what felt like an eternity.

I stopped before I totally got ahead of myself and started asking why would the Eagles draft a backup in the 2nd. Putting a lot of thought into the reasoning I came up with a few things.

1) There is a real worry when it comes to Carson’s health and being able to stay on the field.

2) They have to be planning a trade package involving Hurts to a QB needy team.

3) Howie has completely lost his mind.

Unfortunately, the verdict is still out on all three possible scenarios.

However, Howie has come out trying to back up his baffling decision. Nate Sudfeld is on a one-year deal and it has been determined this is his last season with the Eagles. In hopes to become a starter elsewhere.

Putting things somewhat into perspective. Should the Eagles have drafted a QB for the future behind Carson in light of knowing Sudfeld will be moving one. Absolutely. It being at the expense of a Day 2 pick? I believe, absolutely not.

The pick has been made. Jalen Hurts is a Philadelphia Eagle. One thing we all must remember is the disbelief and instant anger towards the Eagles selection has nothing to do with Jalen himself. In all honesty, I personally think he is going to be a really good backup and all-around contributor to the team. Ultimately He is just a kid who is now set to live out his dream of being a professional in the NFL. Something so many do not have the chance to do.

I bleed green. I will always bleed green. I only want success for my team(s) and if this is one way of solidifying future greatness. Then by all means. But there still has to be that little voice in our heads asking… Is it still in Howie we trust?

– Joey Sheeran for thee Edge of Philly Sports (these comments, statements, and opinions reflect only on myself)

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