Andy MacPhail is a Dope

In case you missed it, last Friday Phillies President Andy MacPhail held a press conference. It was a sh*tshow.

If you ask me MacPhail must have something juicy on team owner, John Middleton. I mean, hell, he hasn’t been apart of a winning organization in the past 13 years. Andy not only announced his own job security for this off-season but also shared that they are in rush to find a new GM. Ned Rice is be filling in as Interim GM. Rice is Matt Klentak’s former assistant.

MacPhail claims that the reason they are not in a hurry to find a new is due to the Pandemic. He also goes on to say that they believe that free agency will move at a “snail’s pace”. Really, Are you willing to bet JT on that assumption?

“Who’s going to want to uproot in the middle of a pandemic?”

– Andy MacPhail(ure)

Hey, maybe Johnny and Andy should reach out to Josh Harris and the rest of the Sixers front office to see how a team is really run when in search of a new GM, etc. Pandemic or not Pandemic.

Sixers just hired (New President) Daryl Morey, (New Head Coach) Doc Rivers, Sam Cassell, Peter Dinwiddie, Jameer Nelson. All in the middle of what? Oh, a Pandemic.

But should we really surprised that the Phillies have turned into the worst sports organization in Philadelphia? I don’t think so. We are talking about a team that traded away their #1 Prospect, Sixto Sanchez. Who by the way pitched lights out for the Marlins in his hand full of appearances and being compared to a young Pedro Martinez. For JT Realmuto. Yes, the best catcher in Baseball. However, they failed to get an extension done immediately. Now, with a very high chance of losing him in free agency. Snails paced or not. Ad

Not to mention, the excuse of why they lose out on a Realmuto bidding war? Revenue from this past Pandemic Baseball season.

All I hear or see is excuses. It’s almost like this virus was a godsend for the Phillies front office so they have a plethora of bullsh*t in their back pocket just ready to feed us.

Enough is enough and we need change. Get it done, ASAP!

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