With the summer breeding a closer sense of normalcy, The Philadelphia major sports teams are in various stages of building for their upcoming season, or, in the case of the Phillies,trying to right their ship.

More on that mess in a bit.The Flyers, Sixers and Eagles all had disappointing seasons.

The Sixers playoff loss probably hurt more than than the other two teams. The offseason has been riddled with trade speculation but, thus far, nothing has materialiized, The Sixers team is very close to greatnees but a few bugs need to be worked out.

The Sixers share a building with the Flyers who also had a disappointing end to their season. General Manager, Chuck Fletcher has certainly been proactive with the acquisition of three defensemen. The only marketable loss Fletcher suffered was Jakob Voracek.

Something I found intersting is the three new players all had one thing in common. Each was an Alternate Captain for their previous team. Is that as sign for Claude Giroux? Time, as they say, shall tell.

Philadelphia’s beloved Eagles. I think its safe to say that no team has made more personnel changes in the offseason and, once agin, rumors swirl about bringing in DeShaun Watson. Financially, it makes sense and factor in his age of 25.

Head Coach, Nick Sirianni has not anointed Jalen Hurts as his starting Quarterback. Is that a tell tale sign of some possible behind the scenes skullduggery? Will write three words, don’t laugh too hard. Zach Ertz’s hair! Ertz has the heart of a warrior but I hope he lost a bet!

The Eagles are anticipation personified. All the new faces on both sides of the ball. Optimists tell us 9 wins.

The offensive line contines the five year pattern of injuries and the Eagles could slip to the 6 or 7 win area.

Now to Joe “Captain Hook” Girardi and the overbearingly frustrating Phillies. Pitching, defense, or lack there of with bats going cold have kept thie team at the .500 markmost of the season, Trade deadline looming. Clearly, a quality starter and or a shut down closer are at the top of their need list.



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