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The curious case of Antonio Brown. Professional Sports has a long history of what we can say is strange behavior. From the “look at me” antics of Colin Kaepernick to the insanity of Jimmy Pearsall and his running the bases backward. More often than not players make headlines due to trying to be relevant and boosting their stature for an impending contract.


In some cases, it’s the “bright lights big city” situation where a gifted athlete comes from an impoverished background and suddenly finds himself with millions of dollars. Then suddenly goes a bit off the deep end. In my best Twilight Zone mode, I present the strange and unusual case of one, Antonio Brown. Brown, a gifted NFL receiver has rarely been out of the spotlight in his tenure on one of the world’s biggest stages. Despite being one of the most successful sixth-round draft picks (Pittsburgh 2010) Brown has had the spotlight on him since day one.

Sadly, Not Always in a Good Way

Brown and trouble seem to go hand in hand since his draft day. Brown has run himself off the tracks in Pittsburgh, New England, and now, Tampa Bay. Legendary Future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady, no stranger to controversy. He has been a proponent of Brown. Brady was instrumental in having the enigmatic receiver signed in New England as well as Tampa Bay.

Brady spoke from the heart regarding his now, former teammate Brown.

“We all love him, We care about him deeply, We want to see him be at his best. Unfortunately, it won’t be with our team,” Brady said.

Dolans Bar

More to the Story on Antonio Brown

The history with Brown reads like a rap sheet with items from throwing a ball at a teammate to various sexual misconduct issues. The least of which is a three-game suspension handed out by the NFL for a false Covid vaccine card. Is Brown simply a diva or, are there deeper mental issues at play? Arguments can and will be made as this theater of the bizarre unfolds.

A career is ruined. I ask we don’t have a knee-jerk reaction but, let’s take a breath. The antics of Brown when leaving the field in that Sunday game indicate much more than a spoiled brat, at least to me. Sadly, a young man who needs professional help. As a person who has recovered from mental illness after being a victim of a violent crime. I realize the trouble that Antonio Brown has not come to grips with as yet…

Football life may be over, but, his life, in whatever fashion, will continue…we can only hope he gets the help that, to me at least, is out there and clearly needed. The Bizarre World of Antonio Brown. For more Philly sports coverage click here.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

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