Are Howie Roseman and the Eagles trusting the process? [w/ Video]

Are Howie Roseman and the Eagles in the middle of their own version of trusting the process? Taking a page out of the Sixers’ old book? Yes, No, Maybe, We don’t know.

We understand It could be a little far-fetched to believe a team in the national football league could actually be tanking their own season in such a way it took us until week 8 to realize what was going on this entire time. Think about it. Rarely any in-game adjustments, offensive or defensively. No Rushing game at all in the weekly game plan. Feed us a bunch of hooey about plants and actually thinking the defensive is playing according to plan. Come on, now.

In this video, we break it down a bit more. Could Howie Roseman be tanking on purpose?

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