Are the Eagles a legit landing spot for Julio Jones?

As most Eagles fans, I would love to see Julio Jones in the Midnight green. The question being is “Are the Eagles a legit landing spot for Julio Jones?” I personally would love for this to happen. With all of the young receivers on this team, a 32-year-old veteran wideout that is still playing at a very high level for your young guys to learn from could be just what this receiving cores needs. Not to mention it could only help your young QB or QBs depending on how the draft goes. The question is however what would it take to trade for him? Do the Eagles have it and are they willing to part with what it would take to trade for Jones?


What to Expect

I believe that even though the entire fanbase is exhausted with Howie Roseman and his drafting prowess, they still understand that he has made some quality salary cap moves and trades. First, we would have to look at what we would be taking on in a trade for Julio Jones. I have done some digging and spotrac on Twitter has a great breakdown of what a potential suitor would be taking on.

There has been a lot of Zach Ertz draft-day trade talk. Also, there has been a lot of Eagles wanting to move back into the top 10 talks. So let’s combine these with the Julio Jones trade talk and have some fun letting our minds wander for a bit.

Is it possible for the Eagles to trade Ertz the 12th,123rd,224th for Jones and the 4th pick? Or maybe one of the provisional first-round picks from next year? This to me is the best part of the draft month all the possibilities and variables that go into drafting, trades, moving up and back, etc. We are a couple of days away from finding out what this year’s Eagles team will look like and this writer hopes a new number 11 will be on the field come September. Are the Eagles a legit landing spot for Julio Jones?

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