Are the Flyers Back? A Tournament for the Cup

The National Hockey League looks like they are poised to make a return to live professional sports.

On March 12, the NHL, like other professional live sports, was forced to suspend the 2019-20 season because of the COVID-19 outbreak. As time proceeded to move on, it became inevitable that the league would have to come up with a different arrangement to award a team with the 2020 Stanley Cup.

A 24-team tournament makes the decision easier, allowing clubs that were on the playoff bubble with games left in the regular-season a chance to compete for the coveted Cup.

Possible Line up of the 24 team tournament. Nothing set in stone.

This would allow the top 12 teams in each division to square off for the greatest prize in hockey. Rumors have the top 4 teams in each division getting a bye while 4 through 8 square-off. Possible round-robin tournament for the top 4 teams for seeding purposes as well as allowing them to get back into hockey shape. Ultimately ending off with a NHL Finals of the best 2 teams in each division.

The NHLPA announced Friday night that it has agreed on the principle of a 24-team format in hopes of resuming the NHL season and eventually awarding the Stanley Cup:

As for the exact specifics of how the 24-team format will be held, there has been no announcement from the league. Hopefully we will hear more over the weekend into the next week. #FlyorDie

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Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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