Baldy’s Bold Prediction Comes True

Brian Baldinger, former Philadelphia Eagles and NFL Network analyst, gives Edge of Philly one of his famous “Baldy Breakdowns”. This Wednesday Joe Sheeran and myself were joined in studio by Al Thompson editor-in-chief of Footballstories the magazine, co-owned by Brian Baldinger. (You can grab a FREE Footballstories Magazine in most super WAWAs in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas or at

Baldy Breaksdown Jalen Hurts

Joe leads off by noting Baldy all but predicted the Jalen Hurts pick in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft. This was seen in his article late March in Footballstoires. Baldy noted he was still shocked as everyone else with the 53rd pick by Philly actually turned out to be Jalen Hurts.

Brian was infatuated with Jalen Hurts. He went on to say “I want him on my football team.” “I want that guy in my quarterback room.” I want that guy competing for the position.”

He didn’t even think about transferring when Tua beat him out. He gutted it out and became a great backup QB, leading the Tide to a comeback win in the 2018 SEC Championship game vs Georgia.

Brian Baldinger

Baldinger notes it is a crapshoot that Jalen starts in any gadget plays but is more likely an insurance policy. With the 9 playoff games for Philly since drafting Wentz and Caron only played 6 plays that the Eagles were shoring up the QB position. Baldy feels that Hurts’ best option is to watch and learn. He also does not doubt if he was thrown into a game due to an injury that the Eagles will have packages ready for him.

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Jefferson Over Reagor

Baldy went on to note he was overly critical of the Eagles. This was upsetting to the Eagles general manager, Howie Roseman. He believed that Justin Jefferson was the better choice over Reagor. He noted that Daniel Jeremiah ranked Jefferson at number 14 over all and Reagor at 56. Brian went on to explain that many NFL experts had Jefferson ranked significantly higher.

Baldy covered BIG 12 games during the season and had Reagor and Lamb ranked as the top 2 receivers going into last season. He noted as the season progressed that Ceedee took off and Reagor was not dynamic. Baldinger felt the Philadelphia Eagles thought Reagor could be the next Desean Jackson. Baldy would gladly eat his words if he were wrong.

Later Round Picks

The third-round pick was underwhelming to the NFL analyst. He felt that there many other choices at the time than a project player in Davion Taylor. Baldy notes the lack of instincts and sees him as a “bad fit” for the birds. He later indicates that he is interested to see if the Eagles move Taylor into a more hybrid secondary position player.

K’Von Wallace was Baldy’s favorite picks in the Eagles draft. He believes he could be a starter all most immediately. Baldy notes he is a good football player and stayed healthy to start all his games at Clemson. There is no guarantee that Jalen Mills is locked in at Safety and Wallace is a more natural fit in the position.

There are many question marks with the later round receivers in Hightower and Watkins. Baldy noted interest in seeing how JJ Arcega-Whiteside works out in year two with a more competent wide receivers coach.

Jack Driscoll and Prince Tega Wanogho are later round linemen with possible upside. Baldy believes Bradley and Toohill deserve a chance at the linebacker position. Ad

Does Jason Peters Return?

With the 38-year-old veteran still on market, Baldy has strong doubts about Jason Peters returning in a guard position. He notes guys like Seumalo and Pryor are younger and better suited for that position. Baldy goes on to mention that Andre Dillard needs more polishing at the left tackle but he is the guy being groomed for that position.

Guest host Al Thompson asked, “Is the Jordan Mailata experiment over?” Baldy notes Mailata has been working out with Lane Johnson and is over 350lbs. He believes this is Jordan’s prove-it year and is ready to compete. The need is greater for more lineman with the increased roster size and teams now have the ability to dress eight players on the line.

Baldy Stars In a New Interactive Gaming App

Baldy breaks some news with Edge of Philly Sports. He is part of a new App called WinCLick by Clickstream. With the quarantine and people starved for more content. He was excited to note people can win cash, prizes, and more. He will be joined by NFL network host Amber Theoharis and others to bring this App hopefully in the next 60 days.

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