Battle of Brotherly Love- Day 1

The Battle of Brotherly Love is a homestand weekend where the Fusion will host three other Overwatch League teams in Philadelphia. The other three teams were the Florida Mayhem, Houston Outlaws, and Washington Justice. The first game being played was Mayhem vs Outlaws then later was the Fusion vs Justice.

First Game

The first game pitted Florida Mayhem and the Houston Outlaws against each other. Florida was able to pull out with a quick 1-0 on the first map. Houston would hold up on the payload defends but offensively, the could not score on map two thus Florida taking a huge 2-0 lead. But suddenly during the second and third maps, there was a pause during the play. The crowd was very displeased and at one point could kill momentum for either team. The pause was due to technical issues like a headset and such during the game. But when play resumed, Florida picked right back up and took the game 3-0 thus winning.

Second Game

The second game pitted the Fusion against the Justice. This game was much better than the previous one. The Fusion took the first map only to have the Justice take the second map and tie the game up 1-1. The fusion would take the third map to take a 2-1 lead. On the fourth map, it went all the way to OT only giving teams 1 minute to deliver the payload. The Fusion was able to make the last push and made sure the Justice wouldn’t score. The Fusion would end up winning the map thus winning the game.

Thoughts and Day Two

After the game, the Washington players thought it was crazy and actually loved getting the warm Philly welcome of getting booed. They absolutely are excited about this new homestand format and one city they are excited to play at is Paris. The Fusion also thought it was great hearing the crowd chant and see everyone cheering them on.

Day two of the homestand will first pit Houston Outlaws against the Washington Justice. The second game would feature the Philadelphia Fusion against the Florida Mayhem.

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

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