Birds are Living the Met Life

Birds are Living the Met Life; for the next two weeks. Beginning next week, the Eagles 5-6 will take their 2021 revival show on the road. Their destination is Northern New Jersey USA.  Starting on Sunday the Eagles will pull off the most unique road feats in modern sports. This will be two games against two different teams in two different weeks at the same venue.  Insert Met Life Stadium the home of both the New York Giants and New York Jets. 

Jets Bus Trip 2021

This of course was a no-brainer for the NFL schedule makers back in the spring, right?  This New Jersey remix couldn’t have come at a better point in the season for the Birds fresh off their most convincing wins of the season. They are riding a two-game winning streak and hitting the playoff push of their schedule. The Birds will hopefully feast on some New Jersey home cooking over the next two weeks.

Met Life has Been the Scene of Great Eagles Memories

Met Life has been the scene of great Eagles memories. Who could forget the Miracle of the Meadowlands I, II, III, the Reggie White blocked Field goal recovered for TD in 1988. Also of course never ever losing to the New York Jets did I mention ever.  The Meadowlands/ Met Life has been a home away from home so to speak for the Birds over the years/ Scenes of some of the most thrilling Eagles moments in history.  This opportunity to keep the flower growing in 2021 is a huge one for the Eagles.

Ride this into the Bye and Beyond

Following the two-week Jersey vacation, the Birds will enter their much-deserved bye week.  If all goes well, they enter that bye 7-6 and have their eyes firmly focused on making a final push for a wild card spot in the NFC.  After the Bye the Birds will face the Football Team, The Giants again, the Football Team again, and finish up at home against the Cowboys.  Their opponents during that stretch have a combined record of 18-21.  If all goes well and the Birds continue to grow both as players and coaches. The end to this season will result in a return to the playoffs and maybe (cough, cough) a Division Championship. We would have New Jersey to thank for it, ironic huh? Birds are going to be living the Met Life.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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