Bloodline Civil War

The civil war is coming. The bloodline, for over 3 years now, has run roughshod over the WWE. Collecting belts and unifying titles. Leaving no prisoners in their path along the way. The common theme has been they have done it together. The Bloodline is a family, and they were taking over the WWE together. The Bloodline was going to make every WWE superstar acknowledge them together as a family.  This method was a constant like a wash, rinse, repeat. That was until this past year’s Royal Rumble. Cracks started to show. These cracks kept growing until they exploded. That explosion happened live on TV this past Friday night when Jay left the bloodline with his brother Jimmy. Let’s look back at how this started and where the Bloodline could be headed, and how this whole Bloodline storyline ends in the WWE. 

The cracks started

Every WWE fan knows the bloodline storyline of them allowing Sami into the group. Everyone also knows about how Sami turned on Roman at the Royal Rumble, refusing to take out his longtime friend Kevin Owens. The second Sami turned on Roman. The cracks started within the bloodline. Sami would try to get in Jey’s ear every second he could. Sami tried to explain to Jey that Roman was bad news. Jey believed that he could trust Roman because Roman was family. However, along the way of WrestleMania season, Roman took every opportunity he could to discredit and diminish the Usos. Thus, expanding the cracks within the bloodline. The Usos ultimately ended up losing to Sami and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania making Roman Reigns furious and expanding the cracks even more. 

Taking out the Trash 

Sami continued to be a thorn in the bloodline side. Like any good leader, Roman felt he had to take this thorn out himself. On Night of Champions, Roman teamed with his cousin solo. Taking on Sami and Kevin Owens. This was an incredible match with back-and-forth action. Sami and Owens got the upper hand. Like any good family member, the Uso’s came to help their bloodline family out. Unfortunately, Jimmy hit his fellow bloodline member Solo with a super kick when Sammy moved out of the way. This sent Roman into a frenzy. Roman let the Uso’s know just how much of a mess up they were. Jimmy heard enough. He was tired of the abuse from Roman, and he hit Roman with a super kick twice. The following Friday on Smackdown, Jimmy and Jay tried to make up with Roman and Solo to keep the bloodline running strong.

Solo had other plans turning on Jimmy and kicking him out of the bloodline. This moment got social media buzzing in just over 2 days the clip was seen by over 40 million people. This turn left Jey with a choice to go with his brother and leave the Bloodline or stay with the Bloodline and turn his back on his brother. This past Friday night on Smackdown we got our answer. Jay delivered a fiery speech against his brother Jimmy. Jey had everyone believing he was staying with the bloodline. In fact, in his promo, he told Jimmy you’re out of the bloodline. This was then followed up by the most shocking but Satisfying moment of the entire bloodline storyline Jey said the famous words I’m out too. Kicking Roman and Solo and standing tall in the ring with his brother.  

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The Civil War is next 

After Smackdown went off the air, fans were left wondering what was next and where will this storyline go from here. The fans didn’t have to wait long. On the smackdown low down WWE announced the breaking news at the Money in the Bank PPV in London on July 1st. There will be a bloodline Civil war. When the Uso’s take on Roman and Solo in a tag match. The Bloodline storyline has been the focal point of the past 3 years. One could argue that this is the most popular group since the late 90s when we were introduced to NWO and DX.

This match is arguably the biggest match in WWE’s past ten years. Fans finally get to see the Uso’s stand up for themself and be on their own. This match will be trending number 1 for sure on July 1st when that bell rings. But what happens after this match where can WWE go to keep this bloodline story going and milk this for everything they can? 

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How this ends

I have been saying since before WrestleMania there is only one way to end Roman’s run. Jey Uso needs to be the one to defeat Roman and take the belt from him finally. This Bloodline started with Jey and Roman I feel like it needs to end with Jey vs Roman. At Summerslam, one of WWE’s four core PPVs we can get Roman vs Jey for the title and have Jey go over there.

Let’s play devil’s advocate here maybe WWE doesn’t see Jey as world champion material. I have an idea of how this could play out. During the Jey vs. Roman match at Summerslam, Solo turns on Roman and joins the Usos. We can then see a face Roman feud with a heel Solo for the title. The bloodline could continue without Roman. While Roman becomes the biggest babyface in the company. Or maybe they go in a completely different direction and has all shocked. Whatever the choice, maybe we are all on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what happens next. The Civil War is coming.

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

Joe Wood was born and raised in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia. A dedicated father of 2, a boy and a girl. Who is a lifelong Philadelphia 4 for 4-er. Joe found a passion for Professional wrestling from a young age thanks to his father, who took him to live events. Currently, Joe is studying at Full Sail University to achieve his bachelor’s degree in sports marketing and media. Once completed, he hopes to be able to cover sports full-time.