Brandon Brooks Retirement: The Business, Thank You, & Player reactions


Eagles Brandon Brooks has officially announced his retirement from the NFL. Brooks played for 10 seasons, including 6 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. A career that has seen many accolades. A 3x Pro Bowler and of course 2017 Super Bowl Championship.

Brandon quickly becomes a fan favorite here in Philadelphia. Where he instantly dominated at his position, being perceived as the ‘Best Right Guard in the League.” Which was 100% correct. Brandon was great. He and Lane Johnson on that right side. No one got by them.

Unfortunately, the last two seasons of Brandon’s career didn’t play out exactly to plan. Often injured with constant questions of when or even if a possible return to the locker room. That is at least the seasons where we didn’t already know he had a season-ending injury. Each year it was a different issue as well. Whether, it was anxiety (something we take very seriously), a torn ACL, a torn pectoral muscle, etc. It always seems to be something.

“I’m Philly. This is home for me. This will always be home for me. Although I may no longer be a player, I’ll be an Eagle forever, will always bleed green.”

Brandon Brooks

I have been on record saying that the Eagles couldn’t bring Brooks back next season (somehow). His contract ran through 2024 with high dollars signs. Simply for the fact that he hasn’t played in two seasons.

A part of me feels thankful to Brooks for not putting that decision on Howie. To Cut or not to cut? How do you release an Ironman from your roster? Someone who brought you your only championship in franchise history. A player who spilled his guts, blood, sweat, and tears on that field each week. It would have been a very tough choice but (IMO) the right one to make.

A Message from Jeffery Lurie

Eagles Video Tribute

Thank You!

To BB, Brandon Brooks! Thank you! Thank you for being You. You help this team bring to this city the one thing we needed in our lives for most of us our entire lives, a Lombardi Trophy. You were a monster on that field. We will NEVER forget that.

Not only a champion on the field but off the field as well. Always transparent with the media and our fans. Being open and honest about your bouts with anxiety. Raising awesomeness on a subject that so many would rather suffer in silence than speak up and get the help they truly want and need.

Congratulations on your retirement. A well-deserved one. You came, saw, and conquered all mentally and physically. I’m sure we will see you around – Enjoy!!

Brandon Brooks in his own words

Player Reactions

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