Brian Dawkins All-Time Eagle Great

Brian Dawkins All-Time Eagle Great. A lot of Eagles fans from 1996 to 2008 would say that they saw a lot of great football and the reason was the play of one player, the great Brian Dawkins. Brian Dawkins was a leader for sure in his own right, who went to nine pro bowls and also a Super Bowl appearance in 2004. But the main origin of B-Dawk was when he was in college at Clemson University, with 247 tackles and 11 interceptions. He also received All-ACC Honors in 1995. He was named first-team strong safety to the Clemson All-Centennial team in 1996. Dawkins was also one of many of the first to play a strong safety position.

In 1996. in the second round of The NFL Draft, the Eagles selected Dawkins with the 61st overall pick. The pick was a compensatory pick they received because of Seth Joyner going to free agency two years before in 1994. After Dawkins was drafted, he would make his debut against Washington and only made one tackle. The next following week he became officially a starter against the Green Bay Packers and had 11 tackles.

A couple of weeks later became a full-time starter after another safety, Eric Zomalt was released, opening the door for Dawkins. After that season, it can be said that Brian Dawkins would be a player in the making when he would have a combined 75 tackles and 3 interceptions, also a sack, and forced 14 fumbles in his rookie season. Eagles would make the playoffs in Dawkins’ rookie year with a 10-6 record and Dawk would register six tackles in the loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

Dawkins would be named starting free safe

The next year Dawkins, not looking to have any sophomore slumps, in a game in 1997 against the New York Giants. he would make 7 tackles, also recording an Interception of Giants quarterback Danny Kanell. By the end of the season, he would record 75 combined tackles also 3 interceptions, and also a touchdown in 15 games that season. Later on in his tenure, in 1999 he and the Eagles agreed on a 3-Year contract. Under new Head Coach Andy Reid, Dawkins would be named starting free safety that season. It was another big year for Dawkins, with 73 combined tackles and also a touchdown in 14 games.

In the 2000 season

In the 2000 season in a game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles recorded 7 Sacks and Brian Dawkins All-Time Eagle Great had two sacks in the game in a 34-9 victory over Arizona. The next year, in 2001, he helped get his team to the playoffs. NFC East crown and also a win in the Wild Card round against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then a win in the Divisional round against the Chicago Bears. The team made it to the NFC Championship Game against the St Louis Rams for the first time in his career but lost to St Louis. The year ended when we were named to the Pro Bowl.

The next year was officially the move to free safety of the secondary alongside great cornerbacks Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent. In a game against the Houston Texans, he deflected two passes, had an interception and a forced fumble, but also scored a touchdown on a fake punt. He would also make NFL history on that day to make a sack, an interception, and have a touchdown reception and he would also play a full 16 game season.

            Like the previous year, the team would make it to the playoffs with another NFC East title, but this time with a first-round bye. But the other big moment of his 2002 Year, he makes a big play by hitting Atlanta Falcons a scrambling quarterback Michael Vick to avert a touchdown. The biggest success for Dawkins would come two years later.

In the 2004 Season when he and the Eagles finally would be on top of the NFC. After another NFC East division title, they were Finally NFC Champions and heading to the Super Bowl, and that for Dawkins was a homecoming for him because he was born in Jacksonville, Florida and what better way than “Home Sweet Home” for Dawkins was to win a Super Bowl in his hometown that year, But sadly that wasn’t the case for Dawk and the Eagles would lose to the New England Patriots.       

His final year with the Eagles

In his final year with the Eagles. In 2008 he made history with 20 Sacks and 20 Interceptions. Along with his fellow friend and Jacksonville native Harold Carmichael with 180 career games, he finished his Eagles career missing only one game. Playing 182 of 183 games in his time with the Eagles. After that 2008 Season, the Eagles shockingly didn’t extend Brian Dawkins and he signed as a free agent with the Denver Broncos. December 27th, 2009 was an emotional day for Brian Dawkins and Eagles fans when all came together to reunite with their hero Dawkins one final time as a player, coming to Philadelphia as a Bronco against his former team.

            He would play two more years with Denver and in April of 2012, he retired. The next year on September 30th, 2012 in a game with the New York Giants. The Eagles and Brian Dawkins would celebrate his career and he would sign a one-day contract. To have Brian Dawkins All-Time Eagle Great #20 jersey retired to hang up on the Eagles Wall Of Fame. But the biggest moment other than his jersey being up with the Eagle’s greats. Came on February 3rd and February 4th.

He was officially was Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next day would see his Philadelphia Eagles finally win a Super Bowl. It truly was a weekend he will never forget. Many Eagles fans would say one thing to Brian Dawkins. That will be the “got” Philadelphia from the day he was drafted. From the day he came back the day as a Denver Bronco. Having his number retired, and being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and being a Champion. He was one of our own and forever will be in Eagles History. If you like this article check out more at

Brian Dawkins Quotes:

“First of all, HALLELUJAH”

“I’ll give all the credit to Michael Vick, we give him all the respect…but nobody respected us as a defense! Give me some respect right now!”

“Can you feel that, that thing that’s beating in your doggone chest right now? Can you feel what’s about to happen on this field?”

“Respect is not given, it is earned”

“I’m playing this game because I’m blessed and want to help this team win the Super Bowl,”

“I was planning the way I would kill myself so my wife would get the money. But what that pain did for me, increased my faith exponentially.

“You prayed for me, you were there for me, you would not let me settle. And for that, I want to present something to you today. I have my gold jacket, and what I want to present to you sweetheart, is something golden as well…That’s my Hall of Fame wife right there.”

‘LET’S TALK ABOUT THESE EAGLES FANS’. “I have a good understanding that you don’t have money just to waste. So that means you spent your hard-earned money to come out here and celebrate with your boy! So thank you for loving me the way I love you!”

Personal Life:

Brian Dawkins All-Time Eagle Great was born on October 13, 1973, in Jacksonville, Florida. The USA as Brian Patrick Dawkins.They have two children.

When it comes to his mental health, Dawkins said he chooses to call it cerebral wellness. … Dawkins, 46, has been an advocate of mental health awareness for a long time. He has been open about his struggles with depression. Early in his NFL career, he turned to alcohol and had to fight off suicidal thoughts.

Something that speaks for Dawkins’ strong evangelical Christian faith.

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