Buddy Hield to the Sixers?

Buddy Hield to the Sixers? Looks like we possibly could be getting some pre-draft action out of the Sixers any day now.

Rumors are starting to swirl about a 3-team trade involving the Sixers, Knicks, and Kings. Although, the source isn’t concrete. This particular source has been dead-on in the past with some of the city’s biggest sports moves.

So, Basically, don’t kill the messenger.

All things seem to continue to point at a Buddy Hield fit in Philly. Checks a lot of the needed boxes for the Sixers. As well as, give Buddy that change of scenery he has long desired.

Take it for what it is worth. But, things could start to ramp up with the 2020 NBA Draft just over a week away.

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Joey Sheeran
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