Bye Howie Bye?

Bye, Howie, Bye? Could we be seeing the end of Howie Roseman as the Eagles GM as well as salary “cap wizard”?

If you ask anyone outside the organization the answer is a firm, Yes!

Inside the organization, feelings are Howie sticks around. However, they would be wrong. Here’s why.

Not only are the Eagles considered to be in salary cap hell according to the majority. But, Howie has also set this team back to a timeline unknown right now. His draft classes’ of the past 3 seasons have been just flat-out awful. 80% of those players are not even with the team or even in the league at this point. Ad

On top of that, We recently have heard rumblings of conflict within the coaching staff among others in the front office with King Howie. First, Jim Schwartz wanting Howie to draft LB Kenneth Murray at pick #21. Then, S Jeremy Chin at #53. The pick now known as the infamous Jalen Hurts draft pick. A request(s) that fell on deaf ears. Now, hearing on the flip side to the offense others within the organization thought and wanted Justin Jefferson to be the draft pick over Jalen Reagor at the overall #21 pick.

I’ve said multiple times on our show that it is irresponsible for Howie to minimize priority towards any defensive position especially positions of great need. Linebacker and Secondary is a big need for this team. Jim Schwartz was spot on.

The Eagles needed a Wide Receiver. Howie took a Wide Receiver. Fair! The verdict is still out on Reagor in all honesty. Although, much like the decision to draft JJ Arcega-Whiteside over DK Metcalf. Drafting Reagor over Justin Jefferson once again goes to show Howie should not be in a position to make football decisions when it comes to talent.

Salary Cap Woes. Draft pick talent deficiencies. How much longer of a leash will Mr. Roseman get is a legit reason we all want an answer to.

Will we see the end of the “Howie Era” of the Philadelphia Eagles this coming offseason? I doubt it. Nonetheless, if Jeff Lurie decides to nut up and do what is best for his football franchise it will be absolutely welcomed with open arms.

(Still) Fly Eagles Fly

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