Cabrini With 15-12 Victory

Kevin M. Neibauer
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The #15 Cabrini Cavaliers (3-2) ventured to Center Valley, PA and Turf Stadium to face the DeSales Bulldogs (3-2).

Cabrini had not been able to win back to back games.

That would change with a “never look back”, 15-12 win.

To the Field

Austin Bolton (4g, 3a) started his career best day at 11:48. Speaking of career days, Dillon McManus (2g, 4a) got the helper and Cabrini went up, 1-0.

Pat Schuett (1g, 1a) buried a Chase Bowan (1a) set up to even things at 9:40.

Cabrini went on a run started at 9:04 with Dillon McManus picking up his 6th courtesy of Bolton.

Brad Rauner (1g) followed with his first of the season, unassisted.

Thirteen seconds later, McManus found Mickey Vanaman (2g, 1a).

DeSales had the final say with Nate Perry (4g, 2a) stopping the run with 1:01 to play and a 4-2 Cavaliers edge

Things Open Up

Max Drift (1g) picked up his 5th on an advantage with McManus getting the helper.

McManus added his 6th 1:23 later to cushion the Cabrini lead, 6-2.

Beau Neff (1g) cut it 6-3. McManus went back to work to get Bolton his 3rd on the season to put the lead right back where it was

Jake Schneider (3g, 1a) for Cabrini and Nate Perry for the Bulldogs got it to 8-4.

DeSales wasnt going away and Perry hit Zach Bowen (2g, 4a) with picture perfect pass to end the half with an 8-5 score

Things Heating Up

Schneider (4th) followed by Grad Student, Jake Goss (1g) doubled up the Bulldogs, 10-5.

Perry (7th) and Jake Fratarcangelii (1g, 1a), had an answer.

Immediately following the Fratarcangeli goal, Cabrini FOGO, Jake Huey, won the draw clean and took it to the house.

That jumpstarted a Cabrini run that they would need .

Bolton,Vanaman. and Bolton again boosted Cabrini to a 14-8 advantage.

DeSales rook over at that point

Luke Wilson (1g) ended the third with DeSales facing a five goal disadvantage.

The Comeback is On

DeSales would out point Cabrini by a 4-1 margin.

Jalen Holmes (2g) and Schneider exchanged tallies.

Holmes, Bowen and Perry would cut it to 15-12 but, could do no more

Post Game Schtuff

• Extra man had Cabrini 1 for 4 and DeSales 1 of 6.

• Shots were 55-48 the Cabrini way

• On Goal revealed DeSales with a 20-19 edge.

• Matt Nestler allowed 12 goals while stopping 19 DeSales shots.

• Quinten Lyons made 20 saves with 15 goals

• Cabrini face off specialist, Jake Huey went 15 of 28 with 8 Ground Balls and a goal.

• Ground Balls had DeSales one upping Cabrini, 36-35.

• Mickey Vanaman had a game high 10 shots with Max Drift firing 8.

Cabrini with 15-12 victory.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

Kevin has followed and promoted the game of lacrosse since May 19, 1974.
The same day the Philadelphia Flyers won the Cup, the Philadelphia Wings were introduced to Neibauer and Philadelphia.

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