Can Andrew Booth Jr. Be a Difference Maker?

The Philadelphia Eagles are in dire need of a good cornerback to complement Darius Slay. Part of the rebuild is that you have to draft corners in this upcoming draft. This draft has corners but they are not all fast so you have to find those corners that are skillful with technique. Let’s take a look at Andrew Booth Jr.

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In order for the Eagles to take the next steps in their playoff run, they have to improve their defense. You can’t always improve defense through just free agency, but the Eagles need to understand that the draft is a big contributor to that build. One such player in this NFL draft that they can use to build up their defense and secondary is Andrew Booth Jr.

Looking at Andrew Booth Jr.

Andrew Booth Jr is a 6-foot, 200-pound cornerback out of Clemson University. Booth was a corner in Clemson that was paired with another duo cornerback that shut down offenses all over the ACC. Pairing Booth with someone like Darius Slay is another way to make him successful. Pairing Booth with Slay in the secondary will take pressure off of both corners because they’re both skillful at their own techniques.

Booth is a rangy, athletic cornerback that comes in with a lot of versatility and a lot of movement in the secondary. He’s able to play different schemes: both press zone and man-to-man. Some of Booth’s weaknesses and strengths are about the same. You have the idea that he has not been thrown to a lot because he was paired with another athletic Corner in Clemson.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s talk about strengths. He does show a lot of versatility in the secondary when it comes down to covering his man. One area to keep your eye on is Booth has not had the ball thrown at him very often in college. Booth’s stats don’t jump off the board. He only had three interceptions in the last year of his junior season at Clemson University. This lack of stats is not going to put him in a top-round selection for the Eagles. This allows the Eagles to draft someone at his talent in the later rounds possibly on Day 2 or day 3 of the NFL draft.


The Philadelphia Eagles can address this need in the later rounds of the draft but still be getting a quality corner. This is imperative to their success. Having a corner like Booth for Philadelphia will allow the Eagles to be able to start to lock down the type of secondary they hope to build for the near future. Booth is not one of the faster corners in this draft, but he is one of the more protective cover corners in the draft. For more draft coverage click here.

Joe Marks
Joe Marks