Carson Bashers Beware

Carson Bashers Beware. You know what is really starting to piss me off? These Anti-Wentz wannabe “I told you so”-ers.

I listen to a lot of Philly sports talk and every show seems to have the one guy who is Anti-Wentz and one who is in full support of Carson. Now, I can’t say for sure this isn’t a planned out thing they discuss prior to their time slot. But, it’s there and it’s almost every show.

I’m all for criticism. Hell, I do it as well on my show (Edge of Philly Sports Show, Live 9:30 pm every Wednesday night). But there is a point of bashing just too bash. We don’t do that.

What really gets under my skin is they will say trade him, bench him, he stinks, and my favorite is well he won’t be here in two years so they need to figure something out now. It’s all bullshit. Here’s the thing, if it turns out true they start the ‘haha, I told ya so’ and if they are wrong it’s ‘well, I’m glad I was wrong. That means my team did good’.

Nah Guys. Get on board or shut up. Again, criticism good. Bashing to bash, not. Plus you just come off as an asshole.

However, this is just one man’s opinion. Many will agree, others will not. That’s perfectly fine. But, when/if Carson leads this team to the promised land again and raises that trophy. Just remember, that we will remember who you are and which side of the line you were on. Ad
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Joey Sheeran
Joey Sheeran

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