Carter Hart Exits Scrimmage In 1st Period [ w/ Update ]

This Can’t Be Happening!

And, just like that all of our worries may have actually happened…

In a team scrimmage today (Orange v Black), Carter Hart had to exit the game in the first period. There was no obvious injury. Hart silently left the Ice. In fact, many flyers didn’t even realize he headed off to the locker room during play. Overall optimism is that for whatever the reason it seems to not be very serious. Even possibly just an equipment issue.

As we wait for an update and keep our fingers crossed. A few things come to mind.

1. WHY, GOD, WHY?! How could you do this to us?!

2. Is this do to Rust? Taking such a long break in between play.

3. Can Elliott jump in Full Time (god forbid)

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I like Brian Elliott. Actually, I really really LIKE Brian Elliott. However, losing our franchise Goalie now would be detrimental to any type of success we expected out of the Flyers during the Round Robin or the official start of the Playoffs.

The fact that we haven’t heard an update yet could mean one of two things. They are taking every precaution to find out exactly what is wrong and have a gameplan intact if Hart is out for a period of time or simply there is nothing to report. Taking there sweet time to tell us Hart exited to a non-injury issue.

Either way, it’s something we will definitely be keeping our eye on.


*** UPDATE ***

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