Centering On Business: Sixers Moving to Center City

In the last two-plus years, this country has been in a struggle to have sustainable businesses. In the here and now, we as a society have to center some of our thoughts on business. Last week, the Philadelphia 76ers focused on centering their business model on improving game time experience for fans and centering on business for the city of Philadelphia. The move planned for the 2031-2032 season will be placed inside the Fashion District in Center City. Since the news broke on Thursday has been the most significant and most debated topic in the last few days. People have been falling on both sides of the argument. Centering on business.

The Rationale

One side of the argument is that it could revitalize the business and economy of the city. Currently, many stores in Center City are vacant and have been that way for some time. Another point to this argument is that 55% of people take public transportation, and where this arena will be placed, it is a hub for public transportation. Over 200 modes of public transportation stop in and around Jefferson Station. Now on the other side of the argument.

There is fear about the already safety issues that are present on public transportation. There have been overdoses, sexual assaults at gunpoint, and other criminal activity. This plan to make this arena more accessible to people that take public transportation would need to have a parallel plan to help people feel safer. The notion is that the more eyes are around, the less crime will happen. I disagree with this statement, especially lately. During the fourth of July weekend alone, you had many different incidents that happened all over the country involving violence occurring within large crowds. Centering on buisness.

Sixers in Center City

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My personal opinion on this move is that I don’t like the city. For the last ten years, construction has been going on in Center City to model our city like New York City. A major flaw with that logic is that this city doesn’t have the same infostructure as NYC. Big video boards alongside buildings, renaming the Gallery to the Fashion District and trying to mimic the layout of both basketball arenas that are in NYC. Both arenas in NYC are in busy shopping areas. I feel like in order for this arena of the Sixers to be a success it has to go into an area that needs a boost in its economy.

There are so many areas in this city that would greatly benefit from this arena and all that it would bring with it. There is a prime example of this with the Sixers. Candem was not in a great situation, both economically and criminally. But since the Sixers practice arena has gone up in that county, it has turned around on both fronts. Knowing that doesn’t say as Sixers brass that you are doing something for the betterment of this city, and not even think about if there is a better way to help this city.

My final thoughts on this matter are that I don’t think this arena will even get approval to be built in Center City, but I don’t know how that will change their plans on where to move the arena to best help this city. I hope that the owners of the Sixers read this article and give real thought to my opinion. Centering on business.

Joe Marks
Joe Marks



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