Cheating Scandals and Beer Snakes

Cheating scandals and Beer Snakes, you read that head line correctly. We expected a bit of drama and chaos from The Rock and subsequently his new XFL football league. I don’t think we were quite expecting this. With the XFL back in action in week three, our storylines are heating up.  A cheating scandal has arisen with Orlando Guardians quarterback Quinten Dormady.

Dormady is accused of leaking plays to San Antonio Brahamas at some point during the season. Initially, Dormady was reported be cut from the team and removed from the XFL. However in a chaotic turn of events, the QB has returned to the Guardians roster with the league launching a formal investigation to figure out what exactly has occurred.

First Cheating Scandals, Now Beer Snakes!?!

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! Wait it’s a Beer Snake?  What exactly is a Beer Snake aka Cup Snake you might ask yourself. A Beer or Cup Snake is a stack of cups composed from event goers usually found at sporting games the stretch over hours. The cups in these events were full of different beverages however linked most recently more so to the American past time essential thirst quencher, Beer. The first origins of the Cup Snake were officially recorded as early as June 25,1969 at Wrigley Field in Chicago,Illinois and has been a staple in many cricket and baseball games. 

The Beer Snake symbolized unity and helped fans throughout the years get through sometimes longer tedious games. But recently the DC Defender fan base caused an uproar due to the security stopping the improvement of one of the snakes in a home game recently. Lemons were thrown onto the field, and the referees had to even stop the game momentarily for player safety. The fans have made it a tradition of sorts and now have good news with an official statement agreeing to let the Beer Snakes return to the games as along as they follow the rules provided.

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Week 3 recap

Seattle Sea Dragons (1-2) vs. Vegas Viper (0-3)

The battle of the winless took place with the Vegas Vipers taking on the Seattle Sea Dragons in a sensational matchup. Sin City was full of wind as Josh Gordon made perhaps the catch of year tohelp Seattle grab their first win of the season. Gordon showed his speed and prowess giving fans the absolute pleasure of seeing a once troubled player blossom back into his “true” self.Ben Dinucci lead the attacking with his best professional game yet posting 377 yards passing, 143 yards rushing, 4 total TDs.

Houston Roughnecks (3-0) vs San Antonio Brahamas (1-2)

The Houston Roughnecks continued their XFL reign beating the San Antonio Brahmas in a tough game played at TDECU Stadium. The name of this game ended up being defense, as the Roughnecks needed four stops from the 1yd line to end the game. You could feel the electicity in the almost 11,000 plus in attendance.

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Arlington Renegades (2-1) vs Orlando Guardians (0-3)

In a low scoring affair the Arlington Rengades beat the Orlando Guardians 10-9 in a defensive slugfest.  The Renegades now hold sole possesion of the 2nd seed in the south position as the  Guardians continue to struggle at the bottom.

DC Defenders (3-0) vs St. Louis Battlehawks 

The DC Defenders defeated the St.Louis Battlehawks 34-28 in what was by far the most drama filled game. A fight ensued after AJ McCarron was sacked after a failed make-it-take it opportunity.

Next Week’s Match Ups

  • Houston Roughnecks @ Orlando Guardians March 11, Saturday 7pm FX,ESPN+
  • San Antonio Brahmas @ Seattle Sea Dragons March 11, Saturday 10pm Fox,ESPN+
  • Arlington Renegades @ St.Louis Battlehawks March 12, Sunday 4pm ESPN2, ESPN+
  • Vegas Vipers @ DC Defenders March 12, Sunday 7pm ESPN2, ESPN+
Evan Banks
Evan Banks