Citizens Bank Park is Full of Boos in Victory

Someone bring the cups, Citizens Bank Park is full of boos. Bullpen woes continue as they blow their eighth save in the last nine games and league-leading 22nd. Phillies went in front by a 3-0 score thanks to RBI groundouts from JT Realmuto and Bryce Harper.
A good sign mixed in with all the negativity is that the Phillies finally have everyone healthy and welcomed back Didi Gregorious who celebrated his return with a homer to seemingly seal the deal. Starting pitcher, the best pitcher in the majors not named DeGrom, Zach Wheeler was on his “A” game with 9 strikeouts and only 4 hits.

Boos Rain Down

Stick with him right? Not in the analytical world of the quickly losing the love of the fan base, Joe Girardi. Girardi stepped out of the dugout with two out and no one on base to make a double which included pulling Wheeler. This is the moment that 22,653 fans lost their collective minds and boos rained down on Girardi. A much better team would have left Wheeler to finish the inning then went to the closer in the ninth.

Not this team, not this manager. The booing became intensified when Girardi handed the ball to newly appointed, save blower, Jose Alvarado who promptly blew the lead allowing an RBI double to Fernando Tatis Jr.

“Obviously, of course, I wanted to be out there,” Wheeler said. “But it’s about the long term. I want to be doing this for the whole season and not just half of it. I get the [fan] frustration. [The bullpen] has been kind of shaky, but I’ll take Joe’s back on this. As soon as we met in the dugout, I told him, ‘I appreciate you for letting me go back out for the eighth.’ ”

Kenwood Dark

A Win is a Win

After another walk, Ranger Suarez replaced Alvarado and retired Eric Hosmer and the Phils were one out away from victory.
If you follow this team, you know what’s coming. Jurickson Profar ripped a game-tying double and more boos rained down.
To the 10th inning and Suarez was able to shut down the Padres. Brad Miller was sent up as a pinch hitter with a runner at second and proceeded to rip a game-winning double.

“It’s part of the job,” Girardi said. “I’ve said all along: Phillies fans just want us to do well. And you know what? I’m frustrated, too, just like they are … so I’m OK with it.”

Citizens Bank Park is full of boos in victory.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

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