Clowney to the Eagles?

Training Camp right around the Corner

As our optimism grows more each day that passes that we will get an NFL season that starts on time. With little to no hangups (fingers crossed). We may still see a roster move(s) that could for sure bolster one or both sides of the ball.

One player that the Eagles had an interest in at one time may now be available for a lot less than what was once reported he was seeking in any type of deal.

Jadeveon Clowney has already (rumored) to have turned down offers from the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins twice in pursuit of playing for a contender.

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In fact, Clowney is apparently so interested in playing for a winner that he may very well be interested in a one-year “prove it” deal for around 9-10 million for the season. The Eagles seem to right to be right on top of that list of teams JD would like to play for.

However, is their mutual interest on the Eagles side of things? I’m sure for the right price and situation, of course, they would be interested. As Howie has said before they do their “homework” on all things available to improve their team. I personally 100% believe that. But, the way things have gone so far it looks like the Eagles don’t share the same desire as Clowney does to play in the midnight green.

Why this is a good idea

Some may label Clowney as an injury-prone cheap shot head hunter. Does he deserve some of that scrutiny? Honestly, Yes. Regardless, the Eagles have a need at Defensive End and JD is an instant upgrade to what is already a scary D-Line. And to be honest, where is the risk? A one-year prove-it deal for Jadeveon? HELL YES. Worry about the cap next season.

Only time will tell if Howie does make a splash with signing Clowney. Howie plays Chess while others play Checkers. Could he be waiting for the right time to pull the trigger and get the best possible deal for the Eagles? Of course. All we do know is JD is a talented player at a position the Eagles need to look to improve. This may very well be the answer.

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