College Classic in College Station

On Saturday, there was another classic game that happened at College Station. The second annual Johnny Majors Classic was named after Johnny Majors, who coached both teams, the Pittsburgh Panthers and the Tennessee Volunteers. Majors was also a hall of fame player for the Volunteers. Just another college classic in college station.

Where It All Began

The first annual Majors classic happened last year in Knoxville, and that was a very competitive game. This game last Saturday did not disappoint within the competitive nature. This game was a first for both teams, the Panthers have never hosted any SEC teams, and the Volunteers have never played in the state of Pennsylvania. In this game, when you look at the matchup, it is a contrast of styles. The Panthers from the ACC are normally a grind-it-out run-heavy offense and like to slow down the game. On the other side of things, the Volunteers, who are from the SEC, and the vast majority of teams in the SEC are very athletic. Therefore, play at a very fast pace.  

To the Action

The Pitt Panthers, now in the post-Kenny Pickett era, look to pick up and continue their journey to get to the BCS playoffs. Their starting QB has big shoes to fill, but in this game, it wouldn’t even be just the starter that would have to step up. The starting quarterback, Kedon Slovis, would get knocked out of this game after the first half. His backup, Nick Patti, would come in at the beginning of the second half. The Volunteer’s defense was relentless with their pressure, and even Patti left hobbling at the end of the game. When you have contrasting styles on opposite sides of the ball, you are bound to have some outmatched situations.

If you are a team in the SEC, you can’t afford to lose many games, even if it is against ranked opponents. In that particular conference, there is no room for error. This game was full of a lot of excitement and lived up to the billing. The Panthers struck first in this game with a big play from their running back, Israel Abanikanda, with a 76-yard run for a touchdown. This game would go back and forth between the Panthers and Volunteers. So much so that it would take overtime for these teams to settle the winner. On this occasion, the Volunteers would edge out the Panthers by the final score of 27-34. Just another college classic in college station. Check back to EoP for more football articles.

Game Stats:

Tennessee Players:

  • Jaylen Wright: Running Back: Career 9, Yards 47, Average 5.2, TD 0
  • Hendon Hooker: Quarterback/Passing: C/Att 27/42, Yards 325, TD 2, Int 0
  • Jabari Small: Rushing: Career 10, Yards 17, Average 1.7. TD 2; Running Back: Rec 1, Yards 0, Average 0.0 TD 0
  • Jalin Hyatt: Rushing: Career 1, Yards 0, Average 0.0, TD 0; Receiver: Record 11, Yards 73, Average 6.6, TD 0
  • Cedric Tillman: Wide Receiver: Rec 9, Yards 162, Average 18.0, TD 1
  • Bru McCoy: Wide Receiver: Rec 4, Yards 58, Average 14.5, TD 1
  • Jacob Warren: Tight End: Rec 1, Yards 24, Average 24.0, TD 0
  • Princeton Fant: Tight End: Rec 1, Yards 8, Average 8.0, TD 0
  • Trevon Flowers: Defensive End: Sacks 1.0, Int 1
  • Wesley Walker: Defensive End: Sacks 1.0, Int 0
  • Byron Young: Defensive End: Sacks 1.0, Int 0
  • Tyler Baron: Defensive End: Sacks 1.0, Int 0
Dolans Bar

Pittsburgh Players:

  • Kedon Slovis: Quarterback/Passing: C/Att: 14/24, Yards 195, TD: 1, Int: 1; Rushing: Car 4, Yards -13, Average -3.2, TD 0
  • Nick Patti: Quarterback/Passing: C/Att:9/20, Yards:78, TD: 1, Int: 0; Rushing: Car 4, Yards -13, Average
  • -3.2, TD 0
  • Israel Abanikanda: Running Back: Car 25, Yards 154, Average 6.2, TD 1
  • Vincent Davis: Running Back: Car 4, Yards 14, Average 2.8, TD 0
  • Gavin Bartholomew: Tight End: Rec 5, Yards 84, Average 16.8, TD 1
  • Jared Wayne: Wide Receiver: Rec 7, Yards 82, Average 11.7, TD 1
  • Konata Mumpfield: Wide Receiver: Rec 4, Yards 34, Average 8.4, TD 0
  • Jerrod Means: Wide Receiver: Rec 3, Yards 26, Average 8.7, TD 0
  • Brandon George: Defensive End: Sack 1.0, Int 0
  • David Green: Defensive End: Sack 1.0, Int 0
  • Calijah Kancey: Defensive End: Sack 1.0, Int 0
Joe Marks
Joe Marks