Dave Spadaro and the Eagles 2020 Season Challenges

Joe Sheeran and I had an opportunity to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles 2020 season with Dave Spadaro. The Eagles insider has a unique perspective about what could happen with the preseason and beyond.

Jason Peters’ Roll in 2020

The loss of right guard Brandon Brooks has left Philly with big shoes to fill. Jason Peters has been chosen to fill those shoes. This is an unheard of situation with a Hall of Fame-caliber player changing positions late in his career and possibly having success. Not even the legendary Merrill Reese and incomparable Ray Didinger could find a player who has made this unique change in position. (Heard on the Eagles Insider Podcast)

The Eagles insider notes how with this weird offseason, it makes sense for the team moving forward to lean on the former left tackle. Without having any preseason games and few padded practices due to Covid-19 the team needed someone who could easily step in and know the system inside and out. Can Jason be the big body they need to fill in for Brooks? Does his durability remain a question? Time will tell. “Asking this 38-year-old man to move from left tackle to right guard, Why not! exclaimed Spadaro.

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“I don’t think Jason Peters coming back is a reflection on Andre Dillard,” noted Spadaro. The organization has to allow their first-round draft pick to learn and develop. Most likely Matt Pryor will become the 6th lineman who can play multiple positions in a pinch. Spadaro notes that Jordan Mailata is one of the many young players hurt by the shorten offseason. Mailata needs to show he can handle the NFL punishment as a lineman but with a reduced offseason. Other young players include Prince Tega Wanogho and Jack Driscoll.

Dave Spadaro 2020 Season Challenges

Dave Spadaro notes he most likely not be on the field during home games. He may not even be attending away games at this point. This is odd to the Eagles Insider. He has been to every game since 1987. Spadaro goes on to mention that he will not be within 30 feet of a player or coach this season. Spadaro also notes that the situation is constantly in flux and can change at any minute.

He further reveals that the legendary Merrill Reese is confused and furious about how the radio broadcast will be handled. Everything is waiting on NFL approval.

Dave Spadaro the Man

Balancing being an Eagles fan and Eagles insider has its challenges. Past coaches and players have given Dave a hard time about being too hard on the team at certain times. Spadaro feels he owes it to the fans, to be honest as a fan and a journalist. His unique perspective allows him to get great information from the team throughout the years.

He talks fondly about the Eagles Super Bowl Championship parade and especially the infamous Jason Kelce speech. Dave notes he was notified at the last minute he was MCing the parade event. Spadaro goes on to explain the festivities of the momentous occasion and went on behind the scenes that cold February day in 2018. He talks about how he was nudged by someone to try to stop Kelce while doing the infamous speech. Dave simply said “NO WAY!” and allowed it to proceed.

Like Dave Spadaro and the Eagles Season challenges everything will be changing by the moment. Catch Dave Spadaro on Philadelphia Eagles website for the podcast and articles.

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