Deadline has Come and Gone

The deadline has come and gone. Flyers GM, Chuck Fletcher simply subtracted but did not add. So, what we see is what we get. In the age of salary caps, was he hamstrung financially? Did “No Trade” clauses enter the game?


Washington dominated the team and it made it clear. If this team somehow awakes from the funk in and gets in the playoffs, how far can it go and is it worth it? Fletcher picked up a few draft picks. Are they enough to package for any quality in the soon to be offseason? Finance wise, how much leverage does the GM have? I clearly am not versed on the contracts. The finances, to me, are kept close to the vest.

Has Carter Hart become the Flyers version of Carson Wentz? To me, the absolute hardest position to play in Philadelphia, other than Quarterback, has to be Flyers goaltender. Much akin to the Eagles QB, who, once he has a bad game, we, as fans immediately want the back up. At times you get what you wish for.  Can we say Bobby Hoying? Every now and then a Michael Vick (yeah, I know) works out but, most times the Flyers get a Bunny Larocque or Michael Leighton.

But, back to the bigger picture. Has Alain Vigneault lost the team or is it simply, the team is what they are, leaderless underachievers? So, off-season wise, Fletcher, to me at least, is stockpiling draft picks. Finance wise, smart enough. Flyers fans are usually very patient and, despite their angst, will sit back and see what unfolds… or will they? The deadline has come and gone so what is next?



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