Devin Booker to the Sixers?

Devin Booker to the Sixers? We are less than 2 weeks from the NBA Draft and things look quite familiar. Big names, Big rumors. The Sixers are once again right in the middle of it all.

First, James Harden. Would I love James Harden? Of course. Just don’t see it happening.

Now, Devin Booker. Do I see this trade happening? Absolutely Not.

However, I want to dive a little more into the Booker trade.

Ah, the pipe dream that is trading for Devin Booker. Does this make sense for the Sixers? Of course, it does. Sixers need shooting, check. Sixers have the draft capital, check. Sixers can use a third superstar that puts Tobias Harris into more of a role player, check. The list goes on. I’ll stop there.

The Suns, should/would/could they deal Booker? Maybe but I doubt it. Although, with 2 first-round picks this current draft and maybe next years first to sweeten the pot. It could possibly get done.

The Suns are coming off their most successful season in forever. Are they eager to deal a big name that helped make that possible? Again, I doubt it. But you never know.

Daryl Morey is well known as a GM (now Sixers President) to get a deal like this done. Am I going to buy into these rumors? My Fandom says YES. My common sense say, absolutely not.

Either way, we are days away from a NBA off-season that could be very exciting for the Sixers. My fingers are crossed. Ad
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