Devin Lloyd | Linebacker | University of Utah

When you think about linebackers that the Philadelphia Eagles have picked in the recent drafts. You would think skinny and fast. The years of the Eagles picking someone like Jeremiah Trotter and Seth Joyner are in the past. The question is “should it be?” There is a throwback to those powerful linebackers in this year’s NFL draft.  Could this be Devin Lloyd?

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Devin Lloyd College Career

Devin Lloyd of the University of Utah is a serious threat to hit hard and has good quickness off the ball. Lloyd is a linebacker who is 6’3″ and 235lbs. Lloyd’s 40-yard dash at the Combine was 4.71secs. His career stats at Utah were 256 tackles, 15.5 sacks, and two forced fumbles. Most scouts that have seen Lloyd have described him as a missile with long arms. Lloyd’s quickness off the ball and pursuit of the ball carrier is elite. 

Devin’s biggest weakness is that he has difficulty diagnosing plays in the open field. The Eagles must get younger and more talented players for their defense. With all the draft capital that the Eagles have, the Eagles need to create a new era of powerful young, defensive legends.

As a fan base, we have to start looking forward to the next defensive and talented linebackers, legends that could play for the birds. There is so much talent at the linebacker position in this draft that the Eagles can afford to take a chance with a talented linebacker both at the beginning of the draft and the end of the draft. 

Devin is definitely a player that the Eagles should pick up in the 1st round. If the Eagles can make Devin Lloyd put on some more muscle, then they could move him to an edge rusher on the defensive line. Either way, he can immediately impact this team this season.

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