Did the James Harden Trade End the “Process?”

Okay, when you saw this picture of Daryl Morey and James Harden, who thought the Philadelphia 76ers were an NBA Final contender? At the time in February, it look like Sixers General Manager Daryl Morey hit the jackpot. Many thought it was a stroke of genius by bringing the “star” to Philly. Was James Harden the star? Did the James Harden trade end the “Process?”

James Harden and Darryl Morey
Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

It was Fun in the Begining

At the time when it happened? It was a very good trade because the Sixers unloaded an inconceivable human being in Ben Simmons. I was one of many who was ecstatic that Ben Simmons finally had a one-way ticket out of Philly.


In the first game when Harden debuted it looked like we would be chasing that elusive Larry O’Brien Trophy. Hopefully bringing a title here for the first time in almost 40 years. But we can dream all we want. Now it looks to me that nobody from either both the Sixers or the Brooklyn Nets won this Trade. We are now seemingly stuck with a lesser version of James Harden.

Where It All Went Wrong

Aside from the fact, that Ben Simmons didn’t even step foot on the court this season and the relationship was unrepairable. Harden was silent throughout the entire Playoffs and it was just astonishing to me. He did not play his best in the playoffs. His play could only be described as a disgrace. Joel Embiid had to physically do it all himself while he was dealing with a ton of injuries. Harden was somebody who was supposed to help Embiid take things to the next level? Looks like Harden cared more about partying than producing.

Morey’s Last Tweet About James Harden

As for Daryl Morey, he should be held accountable because he was trying to do whatever he could to bring this guy to Philadelphia and instead we’re back where we started and now thanks to Daryl we are stuck with him next season as well. And instead of teams fearing this team, we will be fearing that Harden will be here come next season. The Sixers will be back where they started. Will they be able to bring another superstar into the fold? Will they be able to get some real producers on the bench? Did the James Harden trade end the “Process?” Only time will tell.

James Scorza
James Scorza

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