Double or Nothing Preview

Double Or Nothing, is the show that started it all. Four years ago, when AEW was in its infancy stage, AEW put on its first Pay Per View show ever Double or Nothing. This show has run every year on Memorial Day weekend. Monday is Memorial Day, so it is Double or Nothing week. Double or Nothing over the years has seen huge debuts. For example, in 2019 the first real big surprise in AEW happen at Double or Nothing when Jon Moxley jumped ship from WWE and joined AEW. Attacking Kenny Omega to end the show.

Fans are left wondering what’s in store for this year’s Double or Nothing. So far there are 8 announced matches. But knowing what we know about AEW, Wednesday, and Friday we could see one or two more matches added. Since AEW cards usually sit at around 10 to 11 matches in total. Some matches more than others truly stand out on the Double or Nothing card let’s take a dive into the ones that stand out.

Anarchy In the Arena

The Elite is AEW. When the company started 5 years ago it started with a tweet from Cody Rhodes and The Elite. Over the four years of AEW, we have seen The Elite battle amongst each other. Turn on each other and ultimately all go their separate ways. Now for the first time in what seems like forever the Elite, (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman ) are finally back together where they belong. Teaming up for a common goal of defeating the now Heel Black Pool Combat club. This match has some serious firepower, Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli and that’s just from the black pool side of things. When you add in the Elite this match is truly cooking with gas.

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But that wasn’t enough to have these 8-man battling in a regular match at Double or Nothing. They will do battle in Anarchy in the Arena match. For fans not familiar with this match type it’s pretty much a fancy way of saying Street Fight. In the past, this type of match has produced some truly can’t-miss moments. Both these teams are currently incredibly hot so the booking of this match will be very interesting. If I had to give my prediction on this match I would have to say Don Callis who in recent weeks has turned his back on Kenny Omega will cost The Elite this match. The way I think he does this is by lining himself with Will Osprey setting up a match at the forbidden door or All-In Pay Per View of Will Osprey vs Kenny Omega.

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AEW World Championship Match

The four pillars of AEW meet Sunday at Double or Nothing for the World Championship. When AEW started it was identified early the four homegrown talents in AEW that would carry the company for years to come. They were labeled the four pillars. The four wrestlers were MJF, Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, and Darby Allin. The champ MJF will now put his belt on the line in a fatal four-way.

The build for this has been excellent starting the very first night after the last Pay Per View Revolution. Originally AEW set up a tournament with the three men Sammy, Darby, and Jungle Boy to determine who would fight MJF one on one at Double or Nothing. Unfortunately, due to MFJ getting involved, the tournament was flawed. Thus Tony Khan made this a fatal four-way. MJF has been red-hot carrying this company for the past year or so. If I had to make my predictions for this match MJF retains with some outside help from a debuting superstar who will become MJF’s bodyguard going forward.

Unsanctioned Match at Double or Nothing

Three months ago, the wrestling world wasn’t sure if Adam Cole would ever wrestle again. After a serious concussion that almost ended his career. Fast ward to this Sunday and Adam Cole battles Chris Jericho in an unsanctioned match. Talk about a complete 360. This feud has been built on them, one-upping each other week after week. This match will for sure deliver in the ring. Arguably two of the best in-ring competitors of the past ten years.

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This match has all the makings to be five-star. It will be interesting to see how this match plays out. We know the JAS will play a part in trying to help Chris win this match. We could also see Kyle O’Reilly return and try to even the odds by rejoining his former teammates Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. My prediction for this match is O’Reilly returns, helping Adam Cole win and helping keep Cole looking strong. I think Cole will be next in line for a shot at MJF’s title this summer.

Predictions for Double or Nothing

As seen in recent years AEW uses Double or Nothing to debut new big-name talent. I truly believe that this year is no different. One name I think we could see debuting Sunday night is El Phantasmo. There is a couple of reason for this. AEW has started a new Bullet Club known as Bullet Club Gold. El Phantasmo was a member of the Bullet Club when Jay White was the leader in NJPW. Now that El Phantasmo has been kicked out of the Bullet Club in NJPW I think we see him help Jay this Sunday. That is if the Jay White vs Ricky Starks match is announced for this Sunday. As talked about earlier I think we could also see the return of Will Osprey to AEW tv setting up a feud with Kenny Omega at either the forbidden door or ALL-IN.


AEW has an action-packed summer of big events. That summer starts this Sunday with Double or Nothing. It will be very interesting to see what storylines are made coming out of this event. The results from this event will set up Forbidden Door, ALL-In, and All-Out pay-per-view events. The card is strong and a good showing by all competitors involved will help AEW capitalize on their biggest summer in company history. Be sure to tune in live this Sunday at 8 pm e.t live on BR LIVE for all the action taking place at Double or Nothing.

Joey Wood
Joey Wood

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