Eagles Post Game

Eagles v Giants Post Game Reaction: WTF! Why the Eagles Lost:

Doug Pederson: Game plan SUCKS. Play Calling SUCKS. Still taking unnecessary risks.

Jim Schwartz: Defense SUCKS. Bend don’t break is the biggest farce ever.

Howie Roseman: Yup, lumping him in here not getting the necessary talent when needed the most.

Carson Wentz: Where to begin. Everyone saw the game. He isn’t playing well. Even with no turnovers he was terrible today.

Offensive Line: Gave Carson minimal time to get a play off.

Defensive Line: Making Daniel Jones look like Mike Vick

No Fulgham today (barely)

Michael Jacquet: PLAY HIM!!

Jake Elliott: They have no faith in him to hit a lengthy field goal. And refuse to get someone who can.

This Team doesn’t know how to not beat themselves. I’m mainly talking about the coaches and front office. Apparently, they do not enjoy success.

Every single coach and personnel in the Eagles front office should pray that they keep their jobs. Right now, it’s hard to say deserve them.


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