Embiid and Company Feast on Home Cooking

After a tough road win in Toronto against the Raptors, who had everything going for them in the first half of the game. The 76ers made some adjustments, with Tyreese Maxey shooting the lights out from the three-point land and Joel Embiid setting screens, punishing the double-team defense of the Toronto Raptors inside of the paint. Joel Embiid would get Kelly Obrure busy underneath the net. The rest of the Sixers team did a great job of getting rebounds. Simply put, Joel Embiid and company feast on some home cooking.

In this game, the 76ers thought they would have some weary legs, but that wasn’t the case going against a well-rested Portland Trail Blazers team that’s still trying to get their first win as a team. However, this was the 76ers home opener with an electric fan base that was ready to rock and roll!

Joel Embiid Is Just Getting Warmed Up

Joel Embiid looked to be just getting warmed up, getting back to his MVP-caliber playing way. Embiid is in this game. He was completely toying with the Trail Blazers defense. Like normal, he draws the double-team defensive coverage, which allows him to find his teammate with open spacing.

Embiid found Tyreese Maxey on the perimeter and Tobias Harris in the paint. Of course, Joel Embiid let his presence known in the paint as well. With his elbow jump shots, hook shots, or with three defenders on him, he just took the rock to the net! The Wells Fargo Center is Joel Embiid’s playground. Joel Embiid ended the game with 35 points, 7 assists, and 5 offensive rebounds. Embiid feasted off the Philadelphia fan’s electric energy.

Team Defense

One of the Trail Blazer’s main problems on this night was the Sixers team defense. It didn’t matter if the Trail Blazers were trying to get creative in their playbook offensively because the Sixers were causing them problems. The Sixers, as a team, had 40 defensive rebounds, 17 blocks, and 10 steals.

One block in the second quarter from Jaden Springer jumps as high as the net. It was something out of NBA Jams 95. It was a tremendous block. Joel Embiid, on the defense side, had 10 defensive rebounds. With this Sixers victory, they now have back-to-back wins and are sitting at number 2 in the Eastern Conference. The Toronto Raptors come down on Thursday looking for revenge.

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Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

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