Evan Neal | OT | Alabama

Evan Neal is the #1 offensive lineman in the draft. For the 4th draft in a row, the Alabama Crimson Tide will be putting out a 1st Round Offensive Tackle. This year it is Evan Neal. Neal is considered the best offensive lineman in the draft and for good reason. Neal stands 6’7” tall while playing at 360 lbs as a Junior for the Crimson Tide.

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The Scouts see nothing but upside for the 21-year-old that already has over 40 career starts at the highest level of College Football. Besides the SEC game experience, Neal has started at right tackle, left guard, and left tackle. This shows the outstanding athletism with the ability to be a pulling tackle in the NFL. He can do this utilizing his 83” wingspan as a tremendous pass blocker.

The only negatives the Scouts could find in Neal were his willingness to compete for every down and keeping his weight under control. Neal responded to the weight issue by reporting to the Combine at 337 lbs of chiseled rock. A loss of 25 pounds.

The team that drafts Evan Neal has a chance for a 12-year left tackle with annual All-Pro potential to build an offensive line around. Evan Neal is the #1 offensive lineman in the draft.

Bill Furman
Bill Furman

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