Flyers Missed Out on the “Golden Goose”

The Philadelphia Flyers have missed out on the “Golden Goose” who was let loose. Johnny Gaudreau is now heading to Columbus, Ohio, to play for the Blue Jackets. I remember back in January the general manager Chuck Fletcher and Dave Scott saying, “aggressive rebuilding through the draft and making trades.”

“We need to get top-end talent! We are not looking at a 3,4,5 year rebuild. We can be right back in this soon.”

Chuck Fltcher
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Makes No Sense

My question is, “How is that supposed to work when Johnny Gaudreau was available to you on the free agent market.” Then having a press conference the other day saying that you had no intention of bringing in Johnny Hockey! What? Have at Johnny Gaudreau’s numbers? 40 Goals, 75 assists, and 115 points. It was his best year yet! Then Fletcher goes on to say, “He’s too much for cap space and not giving up that for him.” I’m sorry but giving up the house for an elite level, proving star makes sense for the Flyers “aggressive stance. Not to mention it would have been a great story for the long-time local kid to play for the Flyers!

Numbers Do Not Lie

They are also banking on Coots and Kevin Hayes having a bounce-back season.  Let’s look back at this season. Both their numbers have been declining. Coming off their worst seasons, Sean couturier, since 18-19 season 33 goals, 43 assists, and 76 points. Last season 6 goals, 11 assists, and 17 points. Kevin Hayes’s best season with the Flyers was 19-20 seasons, where he put up 23 goals, 18 assists, and 41 points. Compared to last season, 10 goals, 21 assists, and 31 points. Both major declines!

Let’s look at the Flyers’ season as a whole. You had nauseating 10-game losing streaks, 13-game streak, 6-game losing streak, and another 6 losing streak.  How Chuck Fletcher is still in the front office boggles my mind. You bring in a head coach like John Tortorella, who has not won anything in the last 20yrs! (And btw…the Flyers brought him in here because there was no other team that wanted to kick the tires on him.)

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Front Office Disconnect

This front office is trying to brainwash this fan base. Thinking this is a good hire is ridiculous. Our fan base only likes him because he’ll get snippy with the media. Wow! I personally don’t understand why they didn’t want to hire some assistant coach from Tampa or Colorado?  There’s absolutely no direction for the future of this organization. There is an issue when your mascot is the only thing selling merchandise. Also, there’s no faith in Ryan Ellis when the Flyers are bringing back Justin Braun. This going to be another tough year for Carter Hart with no defense in front of him. The Flyers have missed out on the “Golden Goose”

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

Pat Bernard has four years of podcasting. His first year with the Pattison Ave Phantics and four years running Devereaux Sports. Now currently, both Devereaux Sports and Edge of Sports. Pat is a  for 6 Philly sports fan.  Flyers, Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Wings, and Union. The Gobbler is a former pro wrestler and ACPW Hall of Famer! He is originally out of Ambler from Northeast Philly (by the Tacony Bridge).  Pat is a credentialed Philadelphia Wings Beat Reported under Edge of Philly Sports.



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