Gamblers Roll The Stars 41-16, Now 1-3 On Season

The Houston Gamblers (2-2) demolished the Philadelphia Stars (1-3), winning 41-16 in Detroit. The Gamblers scored early and often with running back Mark Thompson leading the way, scoring three touchdowns in the win. His performance helped Houston hold a 27-7 lead at the break as it never had to sweat about the outcome of Saturday’s game.

There is some concern for the Gamblers, though. Quarterback Kenji Bahar had to depart the game in the third quarter because his right ankle got rolled on while he was under pressure. 

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The Game

Houston was firing on all cylinders early in this one, moving the chains with ease on its opening drive after Philadelphia went three-and-out to start the game. On the Mark! Gamblers running back Mark Thompson burst his way through the Stars’ defense before throwing a stiff arm to get into the end zone on a 33-yard touchdown run to give Houston the lead, 7-0. Alfieri gets all the football.

Misfortune struck the Gamblers when QB Kenji Bahar’s handoff to Thompson wasn’t clean, which led to the ball coming loose. Stars linebacker Joey Alfieri came up with the ball, giving Philadelphia a good field position late in the first quarter. Matt Colburn helped the Stars take advantage of the turnover in a big way.

He reeled in a 10-yard reception to get the Stars into the red zone, followed by finding his way through Gambler’s blockers and tacklers for a 5-yard score to even the game early in the second quarter. Terry Wilson checked in at QB for the Gamblers on their first drive of the second quarter, and he immediately went to work moving his team downfield.  Then, Thompson cashed in for his second rushing score of the day to give Houston the lead, 13-7.

Gamblers wideout Anthony Ratliff- Williams was open in the end zone. This allowed him to make a 5-yard touchdown grab with ease on third-and-goal to give the Gamblers a 20-7 lead. Gambler’s receiver Keke Chism turned a relatively short reception into a 54-yard touchdown as the Stars struggled to tackle him, giving the Gamblers a 27-7 lead late in the first half.

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Elijah Jones with the one-handed interception to ensure the Stars didn’t score before halftime, keeping it a 20-point game. The Gamblers’ QB had to leave the game after his right ankle got rolled up while he was under pressure. Shortly after, Thompson rushed for his third touchdown of the day early in the second half to give the Gamblers a 34-7 lead. Wilson took off for a big run and looked like he would get the Gamblers in the red zone on his scramble.

The ball was punched out of his arm, bouncing several yards forward and into the end zone. Before the ball could bounce out of bounds, Chism pounced on it, recovering it in the end zone to give Houston a commanding 41-7 lead.

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Post Script

Then, the Stars added a 42-yard field goal late in the third quarter to narrow the gap ever so slightly, 41-10. Gamblers defensive coordinator Chris Wilson allowed viewers at home to hear him call plays in what ended up being another successful defensive drive for Houston as it got Philadelphia to punt. Dexter Williams found his way into the end zone in the final minutes of the game, helping to make the final score look a little bit more respectable.

A failed three-point conversion and 41-16 is your final score. The Stars now fall to 1-3 on the season. They will look to get back on the winning side of things. Next Sunday, May 14th at 12:00 PM on NBC against the New Jersey Generals.

Matt Bednarczyk
Matt Bednarczyk

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