Georgia Continues to Dominate in the SEC

The Georgia Bulldogs have shown the 2021 National Championship season was most certainly wasn’t a fluke. They continue to show why they are the best team in college football. They continue to be dominant at a high level. In the first few weeks of the college football season, they were already in midseason form. Georgia continues to dominate in the SEC.

Defensive Assets

The one thing that made this team more talented was its defense. After seeing their top defensive players like Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean go to the Philadelphia Eagles, you would have thought Georgia would take a while to replace them. But without those two players, I mentioned somehow how they are still the best defense in college football. That is pretty astonishing. It also takes a great asset of players and coaches to make the defense more unique. It is why they are playing at all time great level. The defense is a big part of their success.

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Kirby Smart

When you have a head coach at the centerfold of a great football team, it can go a long way in football. This is key with leadership in the locker room. What Kirby Smart has done with this team is impressive. The Bulldogs continue to dominate after key players who left for the NFL Draft. Being able to help the team and also to have a dawg mentality on game day is very important for Kirby and his team. Kirby keeps his team ready for the upcoming battle ahead.

Stetson Bennett

The reason why this team has played as a unit is because of one thing, their quarterback. Stetson Bennett has turned it on this season and could have been a favorite of winning the Heisman Trophy as the league’s best player. He has 20 Touchdowns and 6 Interceptions but a QB Rating of 86 Percent. That is how you win in this league. Maybe down the road could help a team desperately in need of a quarterback in this year’s upcoming NFL Draft. What makes Stetson special, is his leadership. He helps any team ready for game day and when the lights come on he’s ready to play on any occasion. No game is too big for him.

As for Georgia, they are at the top of college football’s highest summit once again. More of the Bulldogs players will become eligible for the NFL Draft. Will be must-see football again for the Peach Bowl on December 31st. Georgia continues to dominate in the SEC and stays the best team in all of college football.

James Scorza
James Scorza

James Scorza is a Co-Host of the Pattison Ave Phanatics on Edge of Philly Sports. James attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. He loves Sports and Music and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Philadelphia Sports. He may be young but is knowledgeable beyond his years.