Hassan Haskins | Michigan Runningback

Are the Eagles in the market for a big runner who is a workhorse? You better believe it. Hassan Haskins is the man. In his lone season as a lead back, Haskins’ downhill, physical style was well-paired with the “cloud of dust” rushing philosophy for Michigan. Haskins might have some potential as an inside/outside back.

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At 6’1 220 lbs, Hassan earned his name thunder in the Michigan backfield, gaining over 1350 yards and scoring 20 TDs he’s made his mark as a tried and true Big 10 kind of back. While not the fastest back and not being called on in the Michigan offense to pass catch the question marks end there on his ability, he is a short-yardage first down-making machine.

After the annual underwear Olympics at the combines in Indy March 1-7, where hand size, Wonderlic, high jump, and 40 times often erase what the eye tells you. Paying attention to this young man’s films tells you what you need to see. He has the heart of a lion The Eagles will need to replace Jordan Howard. He will complement the off-pace option with Miles Sanders and Boston Scott as the quick hitters,

Hassan Haskins would be worth a long look as a late second-day early third-day pick. The Birds will need to spend the high draft capital on the defensive side of the ball and probably be dipping into the free-agent market for WR help, so drafting a big Back is a sound approach. For more NFL draft coverage click here.


  • Excelled in single-season as RB1.
  • Wears down defenses with physicality.
  • Patient runner who steers lead blocks into targets.
  • His stiff arm
  • Good forward lean into contact.
  • Adequate balance through contact to keep a run alive.
  • Accustomed to squeezing into small creases along the interior.
  • Hands look capable on limited swing passes.
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  • Lacking the desired burst through the line.
  • Needs to play faster and with more decisiveness
  • The running style lacks creativity.
  • Will get what is blocked as an inside runner.
  • Lateral jump cuts are telegraphed.
  • Running style absorbs heavy contact and collisions.
  • Below-average elusiveness in space after the catch.
Frank Finnegan
Frank Finnegan