Have the Flyers Torpedoed Their Fans?

A lot of feedback, none on the positive side over the Comcast and the Philadelphia Flyers blatantly ignoring the birthday of Ed Snider. Philadelphia, to me, has one of, if not the most loyal fan bases in all of sports. Have the Flyers torpedoed their fans?

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Sit in a watering hole next to a Philadelphian during a Sixers, Flyers, Phillies, or Eagles game, for that matter, Penn State or any collegiate team, and you will leave with a sore and bruised arm. Ownership of these teams hear constant complaining but, the fan bases complain while forking out hard-earned money for exorbitant parking, tickets, and far overpriced concessions.

Talk, as They Say, is Cheap

Attending a game is certainly not. So, fan complaints fall on deaf ears…but, for how long? The Philadelphia Flyers fan base seems to be close to lighting torches and storming the Wells Fargo Center. A disaster that is HULU and ESPN Minus has not done the team nor the NHL any favors. A pair of Dixie cups on a string may be a better alternative.

Of course, watching a decimated barely one step above an AHL team getting taken apart by the hated Penguins is akin to an Eagles 48-0 at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. Frustration surely ruled the night but, for many like myself, felt “slapped in the face” by the Comcast/Flyers blatant disregard of the Birthday of the Legendary, Ed Snider.

Covid Protocol, terrible play, and pooh-poohing the founder, apparently are obstacles that much of the fans believe have weakened this team with zero help on the way. What will seriously impact pro sports? That would be ticket sales. With everything going on, why would anyone fork out a few thousand for season tickets that may not ever be used?

Akin to a high-stakes poker game, the teams have your money, and decide if and when you realize your investments. Is it just a frustration complaint? Perhaps, but when former players e.g. Chris Therien and Zac Rinaldo spout off about the ignorance maybe, just maybe, there is a basis for the angst. Have the Flyers torpedoed their fans? Stay with Edge of Philly as we follow the anger, whether real or, perceived.

Kevin Neibauer
Kevin Neibauer

Kevin has followed and promoted the game of lacrosse since May 19, 1974.
The same day the Philadelphia Flyers won the Cup, the Philadelphia Wings were introduced to Neibauer and Philadelphia.

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