Hawks Embarrass the Sixers

The Trae Young lead Atlanta Hawks embarrass the Sixers in game 1. During the week, all the buzz on Radio was everything thing worried about the Hawks. On my show on Pattison Avenue Phantics, yesterday telling people to just relax a little bit and say, “it’s the Hawks.” Told everybody to relax but I guess they knew what they were talking about. The question isn’t “it’s just the Hawks” or is it that you lost to the Hawks? Let that sink in for a second. While the return of Joel Embiid would pay dividends and glad to have him back for Game 1. It looks good early on in the first parts of the game, but that first half was not too pleasing. The turnovers were just embarrassing. To see that was unheard of, especially for the Sixers. Atlanta scoring on those turnovers and putting more than 70 points and being down by 20 in the first half was even more embarrassing to see.

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Where It All Went Wrong

Trae Young and the Hawks turn into the Dominique Wilkins lead Hawks. Doing what he does but also scoring three-pointer after three-pointer with the Sixers turnovers. Also, Sixers just got torched every time after they get a point. Atlanta will go down and score again in an onslaught. Honestly, it was really hard to watch on TV. But I can’t imagine what it was like down at the arena with a full capacity crowd and seeing this awful performance after a long year of of little or no fans.

It was embarrassing to watch but I can not imagine how mad it was for WWE’s Triple H who was today’s bell ringer. The Sixers were not ready like Triple H would say. If Triple H asked the question “Are You Ready?” The answer was “NO” they were not.

Overall it was not a great performance by the Sixers. They need to come out pissed next game because it is like I said “it’s the Hawks” and don’t make them look like game 1 Hawks. Bring the Hawks back to reality. Overall it wasn’t a great performance by the good guys tonight and need to come back to reality in a must-win in game 2. Hawks embarrass the Sixers hopefully for the last time.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

James Scorza
James Scorza

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