Hometown Hero Takes the Eagles to 2-0

The Philadelphia Eagles took on the Minnesota Vikings from the Lincoln Financial Field in south Philadelphia. The Minnesota Vikings come into Philadelphia coming off a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Vikings are looking for redemption and revenge, facing the Eagles after last year’s game in Week 2. The big story of the game: hometown hero D’Andre Swift takes the Eagles to 2-0.

The Philadelphia Eagles were preparing for their first home game of the season as they won the battle but lost the war with the New England Patriots. Coming into tonight’s game with no James Bradberry and Kenith Gainwell.

Pick Your Poison

Pick your poison with the Eagles front four. There is a huge problem for any offensive line. causing force fumbles. In their last two games, the Eagles defense had six turnovers. The Eagles’ defense comes out the floodgates on fire! Josh Sweat, Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, and led by the hungry dog himself, Fletcher Cox. These young studs all know how to wreak havoc in the trenches. If they’re not sacking the quarterback, they’re collapsing the pocket.

Kirk Cousin had a hard time standing on his feet. The Eagles’ defense hit Krick Cousin 8 times throughout this game. In their last two games, they got to the QB 14 times. And in this game. The Eagles’ defense caused four force turnovers. You gotta be happy with how Howie Rosmen built this defense with a couple of Georgia bulldogs. They’re young, they’re fast.


St. Joseph Prep Project Goes Off

The playbook was designed to go aerial after the Eagles struggled in the first quarter. However, the Jalen Hurts would connect with DeVonta Smith for a deep ball. No touchdown came about, just settling in for a field goal. The Vikings were bringing great pressure, then The Eagles had D” Andre Swift run the ball and never looked back. Running north and south, smashing through the holes  That the Offensive line opened for him. Minnesota Vikings defense had no answer for D’ Andrea Swift.

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He Just kept on cutting their defense, then when the time was right. Jalen Hurts would hit two quarterback sneaks. Making it a tough day at the office and wearing out the Vikings’ defense. D’ Andera Swift ran for 28 carries and 175 yards. That’s pretty impressive. He definitely made a lot of fantasy football owners happy. Jalen Hurts was reading what the Vikings were throwing at him when he saw the defense softening up, and that’s when he took his shot downhill with Devonta Smith. And just when it looked like the Vikings were making a comeback. D’ Andrea Swift goes off with a big homerun. No, Kenny Gainwell. No Problem, D’Andrea Swift has the running back position locked down.

Some Concerns…

The only concern I have in the last two games is that the playcalling needs to improve, in my opinion. Jalen Hurts didn’t have anyone down deep on that side of the field. DeVonta Smith. AJ Brown and Dallas Godert were only open on short routes. Brain Johnson needs to get better and soon. These first two games were against inferior opponents. We will see what they do down Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers.

Pat Bernard
Pat Bernard

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