How Bad Off are the Birds?

How Bad Off are the Birds? That is the question. The Philadelphia Eagles have fallen from grace pretty hard. That is rather apparent after watching Andy Reid and the Chiefs repeat as AFC Champions and make their way to attempt a Super Bowl repeat.

That got me thinking. How bad off are the Philadelphia Eagles? The answer in my eyes is “Extremely”! I feel like we cleaned house except for the problems. Now we have an unknown at many coaching positions. The Eagles have a QB that is being criticized publicly and possibly mentally not ready to fly with the team. The biggest problem that remains is Howie Roseman at the helm. Let break this down.


The Nick Sirianni Era Has Begun

Earlier this week Jeff and Howie chose the newest head coach for the Eagles, Nick Sirianni. Who is Nick Sirianni? (We all googled it when it was announced.) My colleague and great friend, Joey Sheeran wrote an article this week summing up what we know. (Click here to read the article.) So, how bad off are the birds?

Let us look at Sirianni’s history. He previously served as the offensive coordinator to Colts from 2018 to 2020 and also served as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs. Of course, the Frank Reich connection is the biggest. His coaching career started 11 years ago.

In 2009 Sirianni was hired by the Chiefs as the offensive quality control coach.  Sirianni was later retained under new coach Romeo Crennel and was promoted to wide receivers coach. Nick joined the Chargers under Mike McCoy in 2013. In 2014 he would become the team’s quarterbacks coach and in 2016 their wide receivers coach. Sirianni became the Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator in 2018 as a part of Frank Reich’s staff. He had previously worked with Reich in San Diego.

During the hunt, all we heard was Josh McDaniels and Duce Staley as the top contenders for the HC position. The thing the two of them have in common is their fierce personalities and wanting to be the lead dog on the sled. Ultimately I think that is what did them in. I think Roseman and Lurie beleive that Sirianni will be the next best thing to having Frank Reich back and getting Carson back to his 2017 playing ability.

That is only part of it I fear. I also think he was hired to be controlled like a puppet. Nicks is a young guy who was also surprised that he even got an interview let alone the job. As the Who sings in their hit “Won’t Be Fooled Again”, Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss. I am not trying to put down Sirianni but it seems pretty clear. Only time will tell and I of course will hope that Sirianni is much more.

Can Wentz Be Fixed?

I will go on the record as a Wentz supporter. But lately with all the stories coming out it is hard to look past the problems. Where there’s smoke there is fire.

How bad off are the birds and Wentz? The question is does he even want to be in Philly? His organization barely supported him after signing him to a 100 million dollar contract and started an unnecessary QB controversy after Foles left. Wentz still has not spoken about his future after coming off the worst season in his career.

Can Wentz and Sirianni mesh? Does Carson even think he needs to be fixed? The Wentz silence is louder than we think. We know the new coach reached out to Carson this Sunday. I feel t Wentz will want a firm commitment prior to a decision being made. He and his camp were clearly unhappy when he was benched for Hurts. The reports about Wentz requesting a trade were prior to Doug Pederson’s firing. Hopefully, a press conference will be held this week with the new coach and hopefully Wentz. Ad

A Fractured Locker Room

How bad off are the birds? What is worse than an upset and struggling franchise quarterback and a wet-behind-the-ears head coach? All of that with a fractured locker room. The reports talk about Wentz teammates not happy with him this year and possibly in years past. With Wentz getting the blame for Pederson’s departure, the current players may not be very happy.

After the tank job in week 17 that many people feel came from upper management left a sour taste in players mouths. Many Eagles players and coaches were shocked and outraged by the removal of Jalen Hurts against Washington.

Many veteran players may not be back next year (especially the highly paid ones). The only way to fix this is by winning. That seems like a tall order with the current setup.

Dorsey Off to the Motor City

I have made it abundantly clear that I want Howie Roseman out of Philly. Most of the problems we are currently dealing with can easily point at the current GM.

So the bit of shining light was the hiring of John Dorsey. He seemed qualified enough to help draft and possibly another voice during free agency and the draft. Maybe like a Joe Douglas with an eye for “Real” talent.

Dorsey, a former general manager in both Kansas City and Cleveland, as well as a long-time personnel exec in Green Bay, had joined the Eagles earlier in 2020 in a limited role to help with both pro and college scouting. Obviously Roseman’s biggest struggle. In Detroit, Dorsey is expected to be in a more-defined role as second in command on the personnel side to new Lions general manager Brad Holmes.

The question is now will the Eagles hire another to fill in Dorsey’s shoes? I feel this will only keep this organization devoid of talent even longer.

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How Bad Off are the Birds? REAL BAD

Without a doubt in my mind, Roseman will waste any resources this team has left. Even picking at #6 overall I do not feel comfortable with Howie at the wheel. If this team is going to go through a dark period is it even worth keeping Carson? Will they just waste any of his good years left?

Should have Jeff Lurie just stepped up and cleaned house totally? In my eyes the simple answer is YES. So Like I asked, “How bad are the birds?” The answer is REAL BAD!

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Al Zaffiri
Al Zaffiri

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